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Integrating Billing system to Call Manager

Hello guys, i got another problems here.

My client wants to integrate CCM to billing system with some features:

1. Each user has a limited billing statement. And if there's any user reach maximum bill, he would be sent email by billing system server.

2. If user reach his max bill, he could only dial internal extension. If he tries to dial to PSTN, he would be forwarded to IVR telling him that he has reached his limit.

Is that possible to do? Could u get me cisco documentation that relate to these matters?

Thnx before

Tommer Catlin

You probably will not be able to find a 3rd party solution for what you are looking for. All CDR records are recorded in CCM, then they are FTPd out to an external file structure. 3rd party software will then have access to the flat file to calculate more complete CDR records for billing purposes. CDR's will not be able to go back into CCM, turn off call routing for a paticular DID if they are over their limit, etc.

Most CDR systems do have the ability to notify if a number is dialed or an amount of minutes is reached to a manager or person. This has been around for awhile. But the mechanics of having the CDR software actually access to the SQL database to update records is virtually impossible. And now with CCM 5.x, the database is not SQL so you really have no access to it.

Stick with the CDR, billing, and notification, you should be fine with any 3rd party CDR. (WinCall, CommView, VxTracker, etc)

Hope this helps


Actually you should be able to write a simple script on AXL SOAP language which is made specifically to interface with the CUCM database.

You can make it move the device that exceeded the limit to a different Calling Search Space (updateCSS function).

Here's more info than you're gonna need:

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