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Intermittent issue inbound calls in UCCX

I am having an intermittent issue where when someone calls into our main number and the call hits out UCCX script, they have about a 5% chance that they will get a Cisco Unity Message stating that they can dial the parties extension or wait for an operator, which this is not the message they should get.  

My question is I have done some research and I see that in the Call Control Group Configuration for the script, the Number of CTI Ports is set to 100 while the number of Listed CTI Ports is 200.  Would this affect the inbound calling.  My thought process is that I am running out of active CTI Ports (100) and when another call tries to come in, it hits the Unity Error message.

Is my thought process incorrect on this?

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If you have High Availability with 2 UCCX servers, it should create 100 for each server = 200 total.

We are using 2 UCCX servers, do you know how to test the High Availability or verify it is setup correctly?  I started managing this UC environment only a few months ago and I am trying to find and resolve some on going issues that they have been having.  

The message we are getting is a Cisco Default Message, not one that was recorded and setup by the company.

Also, I checked the Call Forward and Pickup Settings in the Call Control Group Configuration and the Call Pickup Group is set to "None".

Hi Nicholas,

I would suspect your running out of ports to answer your incoming calls,

If you look on UCCX, under the trigger options for the application in question  - there is a option for call forward & pickup settings. when you use the "show more" option

Within here calls can be forwarded to voicemail (tickbox) if its busy.

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I found where you were talking about with the Forward Busy and it is not checked

.  I guess my next question is, how can I find out if I am running out of ports.  I would not think that our call volume would over tax 200 CTI Ports.  

Check your CUIC License Utilization report.

Are you on the Small/Medium/Large OVA size?

The reason I am asking, is...  the small OVA size limits you to 100 CTI ports (50 agents) - even if you are licensed for more.  You should be able to find this in VMWare, and look at the notes for the VM.


The CUIC port usage report would be a good starting point , as long as your running a version of UCCX that has it , otherwise its back to annoying Historical reporting client  ...even then when I've tried to use it - i don't fully trust what it is telling me & we all know that the reporting is a little ......interesting at times.

Another way of tackling it would be to understand how the calls are reaching your voicemail  - in fairness it could be in any manner of different ways........

Call forward on the trigger - you've already checked this  ...but it might be worth checking the corresponding route-point in CUCM to make sure nobody has changed any settings there & its not been reflected on the uccx side.

is there a default script associated with the trigger - therefore at times of failure it routes the call to a voicemail number via this script?

It could be some setting in the script itself that is somehow getting calls to voicemail under certain if all agents are talking & more than 5 people are queing send the call to overflow / voicemail  

Other random questions ......

What version of UCCX are you running?

Do you know if your getting this problem across all of your incoming scripts or is it just one in particular 

What actually happens to a call before it reaches voicemail  ... do you get any suggestion thats its entered the uccx script menu prompts etc & then been thrown out to voicemail  - or is it straight to your voicemail greeting.

If you know the call details of a "faulty call" (A&B number) would CDR records or perhaps a rtmt session trace give indication of whats going on 


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Do you know WHERE the "Party extension or wait for operator" script comes from? or is this something defaulted?

Meaning, have you created this other script as well?

What is your setting in your Trigger number for "Call Forward and Pickup Settings"?

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