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Brett Lykins

IP Phone Messenger and Today's Meetings

I am testing IP Phone Messenger for deployment in my organization, but am unable to get the "Today's Meetings" feature to function.  "Today's Meetings" works just fine in the MeetingPlace Express service, but not in IPPM.

IPPM gives the error message:

Query Operation Failed.  The calendar server may be down. Please make sure the server is up and running.  Calendar server is not responding.

IPPM Meeting Notification also works just fine, alerts right on time off of the MPE server. (Wish I could figure out how to get it to alert early, not just as a meeting is starting, but that's another issue).  

Just can't view meetings through IPPM.  Any suggestions?


MPE Version:

CUPS Version:

CUCM Version:

Testing IPPM on 7925, 7975, and 7942 with newest firmware with same results.

-Brett Lykins

"Today's Meeting" feature depends on calendar integration.

If you haven't configure calendar integration properly, it won't work.

Please refer to document:,_Release_7.x_--_Configuring_Cisco_Unified_Presence_Release_7.x_with_Microsoft_Exchange_Server

Or take a look at:



Thank you very much for the quick response!  I am currently re-reading all of that documentation to see if something jumps out at me.


I have a feeling that the  "Recieve-As" permissions aren't built right in Exchange for the account we're using.   The certificates are fine on both boxes, but still getting that error.

I'm not the Exchange admin, so I'm not as familiar with Exchange as I could be; if those permissions aren't set, would I still be able to pull Meeting status into CUPC?  I've enabled "Show Me In a Meeting" in CUPC under Preferences -> Status.  When Exchange shows me in a meeting so does CUPC.

Thanks again!

-Brett Lykins

You said "When Exchange shows me in a meeting so does CUPC".  If that's actually happening, that means the calendar integration was good.

Then the only thing left was go to CUPS > Application > Meeting Notification > Settings to verify the setting.


On that page I have the IP address of the MPE server and port set to port 80.   And Meeting Notifications are working, I recieve text alerts when a meeting is starting.  Just when I go to Today's Meetings, it gives that error.


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-Brett Lykins
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