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IP Phones in Device Pool are Displaying the Wrong Timezone?

Hello All,


CallManager: v10.5(2)
Router -- ISR-4321: IOS-XE 03.13.04.S --- IOS 15.4(3)S4
Switch -- 2960X: IOS 15.0(2a)EX5
IP Phones: CP-7941G

We recently swapped out the old Router in this location (*i.e. an 1861) with the Router/Switch devices you see above. I'm not positive if this began as soon as the equipment was swapped out or if it's just a coincidence, but the IP Phones in this location are now displaying an incorrect Timezone on the IP Phone's Device Information page, which is causing the wrong time to display on the Phone's screen...

The Date/Time Group configured on this Device Pool is also configured on 2 other Device Pools, both of which are displaying the correct time.

The timezone configured in this Date/Time Group is configured for "(GMT-6:00) America/Chicago". But, when you navigate to any of the IP Phone's Device Information page from this Device Pool, the Timezone shown is "America/New York".

Any idea why this would be displaying the incorrect time? The ISR Router is configured for NTP which is synchronized and the correct timezones are set within the Router's config.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in Advance,

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Hi Matt,

Hi Matt,

What's the firmware of your phones? If they are using older firmwares, try choosing the timezone with "‡" sign at the end.


Hey, thanks for the reply.

Hey, thanks for the reply.

I don't think their firmware is that old. They are running version: SCCP41.9-4-2SR1-1S

Also, it looks like the Timezone selected for this group already has the Timezone with that symbol. *See attached Screenshot...

By the way, there are 2 other Device Pools using this same Date/Time group and they seem to be displaying the time correctly.

Thanks Again,


Any other ideas what could be

Any other ideas what could be causing this issue?




I ended up fixing this by doing the following:

I logged into the CM Administration page and started looking through every piece that is somehow connected to that device pool... In the Device Mobility Info page under System > Device Mobility > Device Mobility Info, for the DMI associated to this device pool was showing an incorrect IP Address... So I changed the IP Address to the Voice Vlan for that DP, *i.e. "". After that I reset the Device Pool and after the phones came back up they were all now displaying the correct Time and Timezone.


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