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Jabber control over Extension Mobility Device

Christian Isla

I'm using CUCM 11.5.2, Jabber 11.7.0 and a variety of different phones including CIPC 8.6.  In the enduser section I have a user that has control device EM. however, the EM device itself under "user login ID" is not the same.. This is because we want to login EM using just the DN (so a DN userid was created).  Is there a way for Jabber to control that EM device?


Hi Christian,

I think you need add your EM device profile to your jabber enduser controlled profiles. Not sure if this will work though.

What is your reason for having 2 endusers for 1 user? Can't you login the jabber as the "DN-as-userid" aswell?

Adding my "EM-device-DN" profile to my proper "enduserID" controlled profile doesn't seem to work.  I do not get the option in Jabber to control my EM-DN phone either.

The reason i have a separate EM login is because the users find it too cumbersome to enter their userID that can have a very long alpha character set.  Instead they want something simple like using their DN only 5 digits long... is there another way to achieve this?

Hi Christian,

Can you check if you selected primary extension on the enduser page.

As for having 2 users, I was thinking the other way around. It seems you don't need the alphanumeric users if you want the userIDs to be the same as the DN.

I think if you want to login with numbers(DN) in extension mobility but your userIDs are alphanumeric you can only solve this with third party software where you would have like a proxy service between the phone and the extension mobility service that maps your DN to the username and send it to the EM service (API) url.

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