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Goodmorning all. I'm veeery new to CUCM and JABBER so forgive my newbie


I have an odd behavoiur with jabber CTI (currently using 11.6 but same result with 10.6)


We replaced our old ActiveDirectory and DomainController server , the old ones were (primary) and (backup), the new ones are (primary) and (backup). If I shutdown the old backup server, after few seconds Jabber disable the CTI (red cross in lower side of interface and a message "Unable to connect"), if I start againg the old backup server che connection is automatically restored after few seconds and CTI back to work


No error rised if I shutdown the old primary server and keep online the old backup. All other features of Jabber seem working ok with both old servers down.


I searched all the option in CUCM interface, and jabber client but didnt find any reference to the old IP / Server name. Only reference I found where about LDAP where I put the IP address, and in UC Services, directory where also I put the new addresses


Also I checked the jabber-config.xml on the CUCM but no reference to the old servers


Anyone can point me where look to update my configuration? Thaks much. Roberto

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Re: JABBER error CTI

Welcome to the party!

That’s a little strange - CTI and LDAP aren’t directly related. Have you verified the LDAP synch and authentication are (CUCM Admin > System > LDAP) are pointing at the new DCs? It won’t let you save those pages if something is wrong.

Otherwise it sounds like you have the basics covered: UC Service & Service Profile (if you’re doing CDI/EDI/BDI instead of UDS), Jabber-config.xml (again if you’re doing BDI or a really old EDI config). There is also an LDAP config in IM&P but that’s only for third-party XMPP clients and not used by Jabber.

Re: JABBER error CTI

Hello Jonathan, thanks for reply.


yes in LDAP configuration I have the new server's IP, also the syncronization works correctly


on UC Services I have new server's IP setted


on all Service profile I have this setting: CTI Profile - Primary=CTI Secondary=None Tertiary=None (dont know if that "CTI" profile is somewhere configured, I can see only the label)


Also i attach the XML of jabber currently used


this XML is downloaded from CUCM primary (, I noticed that on the CUCM secondary ( the <Client> section is missing from the XML, all other parameters are the same


thank you. Roberto

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Re: JABBER error CTI

Hi @RobertoGuidi,
The CTI profile is configurable from

CM Administration interface

User Management -> User Setting -> UC Services
2018-09-07 15_22_44-Find and List UC Services.png

once defined there you can bundle them in a Service Profile
and than associate the a service profile with one or more user (or select a profile as a "Default service profile")

other good hint

  • be sure you load and update the jabber config on each TFTP server
  • try to install jabber on a fresh computer (that software caches a lot of parameter) even if uninstalled and reinstalled and check if it works the same or not
  • from jabber interface check the connection status
  • wireshark pcap to se whats happening

Regards Sandro


Re: JABBER error CTI

It sounds like the client is using cached settings and not picking up the new changes. Shutting the client completely and then deleting the content of these 2 directories should be sufficient (vs spinning up a new workstation):

C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\Cisco\Unified Communications\Jabber

C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\Cisco\Unified Communications\Jabber


I typically just wipe the entire Jabber directories, but just deleting the content of each is fine. If the paths are too much to remember, just go to %appdata% and it'll take you to the 2nd path above within the 'roaming' directory and you can navigate from there.

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