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Lee Pipkin

Java 8 & listening to greetings in UNITY 9.1

  • Cisco Unity Connection v9.1.2ES46.12900-46  Java 8 Update 25

Looks like adding the server dns or IP to the exception list does not do the trick to allow the "Play/Record" button to work when listening to greetings within Unity Connection. Tried every browser and java setting..  Any workaround for this? 

Jeff Bankston

What OS/Browser combo are you using? Any error message(s) about blocked content or blocking of java applets?



Hi Jeff,

FF 35, Chrome & IE on Win7.  I've tried 1.7.0_67 with all the browsers and I get "Application Blocked..." error message.  I have the ip # & FQDN of my server in the exception list and see the same error.  I'll try and find an older version and try that.

Thanks all!

realizing the java bugs and possible vunerabilities, I've went back to Java 1.6.0_31 and all the signed java issues disappeared. But, do so at your own risk of java problems and possible breaches.

At what part of the website or login are you being blocked? Can you screen shot it and attach?


I have found this version of Jabber will work for editing and listening to greetings. Java Version 7 update 55 (build 1.7.0_55-b14) Only problem is I can't find this version anywhere. Anyone have any ideas where to find it?

Thanks for the info, it works great

Anirudh Mavilakandy
Cisco Employee

Last I checked, Unity Connection 9 does not support Java 8. You need to downgrade to Java 7.

And that doesn't work half the time either.  This has to be one of the weakest parts of Unity.  I have had multiple TAC cases open on this at different times and always end up uninstalling java and reinstalling 3 or 4 different versions then it magically works.  Only for the next time you go to use the greeting or message play back to not work.   I think last time I had to go back to Java 6 release 45 or something like that.

I use Java 1.7.0_71 in Firefox 34 while in Ubuntu Linux without problems.



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