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George Creaser

JRE version in Cisco IP Communicator

                   JRE is included with the Cisco IP Communicator installation. Is there any reference info with the JRE version that comes with certain versions of IP communicator? And can you explain how it verifies, and/or upgrads the version of JRE that exists on the client PC when IP Communicator installs? We are not sure if it is affecting the latest JRE updates that are pushed to our laptop PCs. Thanks.


Hi George,

You can check the relase notes of each IPC version to find out the JRE versions.



Thanks Anand, but I have searched through the release notes and don't see any reference to the JRE version for IPC. Am I missing it smewhere, or is there any other reference? Also, do you know what action the IPC installation takes if it detects that the existing JRE is a previous version, or a newer version compared to the install version? Thanks, George

Hi George,

Apologies, these release notes were referring to some Security vulnerabilities with some specific JRE versions.

You can check the currently runing JRE version using:

This cannot be verified from UI, but you can verify from command-line (see command and output below).

C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\Cisco IP Communicator\JRE\bin\java.exe" -version java version "1.4.2_19" Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.4.2_19-b04) Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.4.2_19-b04, mixed mode)

Not sure about the second part of this query, will let others to comment on that.


The version of Java in CIPC is very old. Is there a way to update the JRE version in use? Jabber continues to not be an option for us as it does not support multi line which is a requirement in our environment.


We are forced to continue to use and support CIPC but the JRE is very old. When attempting to update the JRE folder with a new version of java, files are LOCKED in windows.

Daniel Haley

Hi Riley, did you ever get an answer to your question? I am in a similar predicament unfortunately and now it's an audit finding  = /

If this is for a CCX setup you can with the latest version for CCX 12.5 use shared lines. With this there should be no real reason for why you would still need to use CIPC, as CSF devices for Windows/Mac has had support for multi line now for a while.

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We are not using CCX, when you say CSF and shared line support, are you referring to Jabber? Any suggestions for Intercom DN support with jabber or any other CSF devices?

Yes CSF would refer to Jabber or the new Webex application where functionality of Webex Meeting Desktop application and Jabber is combined.

Afraid I don’t have any information about intercom, it’s not a function I’ve used very much.

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Unfortunately we did not and had to carry this finding which is disappointing.

We are currently attempting to upgrade to Jabber but are having challenges (multi line support has been added which was a show stopper) however we just discovered that Jabber does not support Intercom which we also require.

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