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loan cius devices

Hi all

We have two cius devices on loan and I wanted to make some observations/ask some questions if I may? I hope anything I post might be of use to people as they try the units out

1. Using Poe+ to power the base station seems to not deliver enough power to drive the handset and speakers. We have a couple of power packs end route, but it seems strange that Poe+ is supported when the power socket at the back of three base station states 48watts. Does anyone know the state of play here? Maybe Cisco intend upoe for these?

2. The proxy settings will not work with microsoft Isa server, either 2000 or 2006. We have got this working with squid. I suspect this is to do with android not supporting ntlm, but it does render the setting pretty useless as most people use Isaac servers. Maybe I am wrong. Has anyone got this working with Isa?

3. As per the android client the webex client for cius doesn't support the in built camera. Are there any plans for this to change? This is a real shame

4. Using vmware view on the system seems good but video rendering is poor. I thought these devices were part of ciscos vxi range and would offload the video processing to the device? Maybe this happening but is still poor?

5. When using the phone client we only seem to have access to contacts brought in via email and not the corporate directory from cucm. To be fair we are only using a test server as our production estate is 8.0 and we might have misconfigured something, however should this feature work?

All in all I think this is a good start for Cisco. It is rough around the edges but in my opinion Cisco are on the right tracks and these devices have the potential to be very special

Comment's and answers welcome :)



Further to this I have just seen the demo of the Cius by John Chambers... the Webex client on there is definitely different to that being shipped with the devices currently in as much as you can see ffrom the software that his camera is being shared.

Does anyone know how far off this is?

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