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Lock phone problem


I have developed a java application that locks the phone when the user is out of the office:

1)User enters service

2)User is asked to enter their PIN.

3)Application checks pin against the CCM and if valid, reconfigures the phone so that no external calls can be made anymore (I use AXL to change the CSS of the line).

It has been working perfectly for months. BUT recently, I’ve had a very important problem. There was a problem with the hardware of the CCM Publisher and it broke down, and the users that had locked their phones couldn’t unlocked them (because the application can’t change the CSS of the line in the CCM Subscriber…)

Have you ever faced this problem? Any suggestion to solve it?

Thank you very much.

Joseph Martini
Cisco Employee

Sounds like the problem is that the subscribers are read only except for user facing features described more here:  The publisher is the only true read/write database for something like the lock/unlock service.

Thank you for your answer Joemar.

The point is that when I developed the application I didn’t consider the possibility that the Publisher fail, and now that I think about it I can’t figure out a way to avoid this possible scenario, in which the Publisher server is not available and the Subscriber take control. Since its database is read only, the users that have locked their phones won’t be able to unlock them and place calls, because there is no way to change the CSS of the lines to their original values….

Those who have developed a similar lock/unlock application, have you ever had this problem? Do you know a workaround?

Thank you very much.

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