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Looking at Cisco BE6000, how to integrate with ?


I am looking at purchasing a new phone system for my company very soon.  I have looked at a few options (Shoretel, ShoretelSky, Allworx, Mitel).  I have been talking with Cisco and we are having a hard time understanding how we (myself, re-seller & local Cisco account manager) are supposed to integrate the cisco phone system with  The proposal we have received from Cisco is the BE6000 system.  Has anyone been successful in integrating the two systems?  We're looking for in-bound call screen pops, automatic call logging, and click to dial.

I have found a video on that shows what we want but it appears that the product is no long sold, Cisco Unified CallConnector for (

All the other systems I have looked at appear to make this a very easy integration but I feel like Cisco is making me jump through hoops to figure this out.



I am in the process of the same design and we used Bucher Suter. They have  a connecter for CCX and just UCM. More details on their site. They have Jabber SDK for click call, screen pop etc. Nothing loaded on premise, it is on the app exchange platform.

See the second video on the right side. There are other players too like SIMPLICTI or AMC.…

That seems close to what we are looking for but not quite.  Am I understanding it correctly that this integration isn't already built in with Cisco, so we need to purchase a 3rd party plugin?  My local Cisco Account Manager seems to think Jabber integrates with

This plugin does exactly what we want, which was recommended by our Allworx vendor.   I am wondering if we just need to purchase this plugin and use it with Cisco?

You need to have the Jabber SDK which is what this vendor has written for you to do this. Or you write it yourself. Today with Cisco any route you go you have to look at third party. The pricing is minimal and it is hosted subscription based model which most customer using SFDC are anyway used to paying.

I can't speak to this other plugin but I don't see how that changes anything because you still have to purchase something plus if they haven't tested with Cisco you have that to worry about. This vendor and others have tested and certified their products. I don't work for them so I am not trying to endorse them just giving you options

I watched the video on the plugin you posted and it just seems limited in functionality.  They don't mention automatic call logging.   The screen pop does not seem automated (they have to click the call for it to pop, instead of it just popping).  They can't take notes in the screen pop and save to account/contact.

I've reached out to the Camrivox plugin to see if they work with Cisco BE6K.

We have gone through the demo’s. it can do call logging. Yes you have to click to answer. Do what you think is best or reach out to them for a demo instead of relying on video if you need more details




Dear colleague

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I hope this fits ;-)


Bruno Grünig

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