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Meeting Place 8.5 - feature query - lost hope

Hi all

This is a post going to all the Meetingplace Experts. We have a 8.5 audio only deployment consisting of 2 Servers in a cluster. We are after specific feature but having worked with TAC and account management we seem to be at a dead end. Here is what wwe want to achieve:

For all external and internal participants  - security has to be enforced and all meetings need to have a passcode.

For all internal calls only we want a combination of secured and unsecured user groups.

Secured users: password has to be mandatory for all meetings

Unsecured users: open meetings - no mandatory passwords required.

This applies to both scheduled and reservationless meetings.

We also want a quick sign in with auto attend. > dial bridge>  enter meeting ID > join in meeting

We can achieve most of these but not at the same time. For example, we might have a non-secured user who wants to have periodic or ad-hoc secured meeting on the fly. This cant be achieved as we have to place him in either a secured user group or non -secured user group.

We asked Cisco Advanced services for a work around but development work has ceased for audio only deployments and as a result there seems to be more emphasis on webx solutions instead.

Does anyone know of a workaround to apply passcodes on scheduled meetings or reservationless meetings on an ad-hoc basis without changing it manually in the admin page?

Would moving over to webex versions have a simpler solution?

We were thinking of splitting the nodes so that one unit manages internal non secured meetings and the ohter hosts a combination of secured and non secured meetings but the complexity of the setup increases. Furthermore you have to have two seperate dial in numbers, seperate outlook plugins etc etc.... Cant see it being very practical.

Any advice is much apreciated.




Hi Musa,

Does UCCX exist in the environment? You may be able to make a script to control the security portion as the gatekeeper to any bridges. We've done it a couple of times in dire situations.

Ryan Ticer

yes we have UCCX 8 but my knowledge in that area is very limited.

If you have more detail I can relay to the UCCX team to look into this

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