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Meeting Place 8.6 Integration with Webex

Hi, I would like to get a better understanding of workflow and packet flow for MP 8.6 integration with Webex.

My customer is looking to initiate an on prem meeting with MP 8.6 via outlook scheduling /jabber (if possible). All audio and video would be on prem. Also, this would be a multipoint video call, so I am assuming an MCU would be required (unless MP 8.6 provide MCU capabilities).

Then, through a federated IM environment, my customer would like to be able to chat with an external partner via jabber and escalete the on prem MP8.6 conference to a Webex meeting to add the external partner to the meeting.


1. Are you able to walk me through how this would work?

2. Can you recommend a bill or materials based on the scenario and facts below? Right now I am assuming we need CUWL professional for required users,  a UCS C210, an MCU and Webex subscription.

Current Assumptions & Questions

1. In this scenario the audio bridge would have to remain on prem and the external partner could request a call from meeting place to join the audi bridge back via Webex. Correct?

2. If am MCU is being used on prem for the multipoint video conference and the conference was escalated to a webex via jabber how many video connections to Webex would there be? Single multiplexed video from the MCU or individual video connections from on prem to Webex and Webex would combine the video sources?

3. Is Webex Node still required?

4. With MP 8.6 is scheduling still tightly integrated with Outlook?


1. Users are a combination of CUWL standard and professional. Professional users for conferencing and mobile jabber.

2. Customer has TP envrironment which would be multipoint video participants

3. Customer has compatible CUCM and CUPS with MP 8.6

4. Jabber desktop will be installed on all clients

5. Customer is expanding PRI, ISR and DSP resources to support additional audio requirements


Meeting Place 8.6 Integration with Webex

All - what have discoverd is Meeting Place node is going away. Meetings will be held in Webex moving forward and MP should be used as an on prem audio bridge only. Some new WebEx solutions are on the roadmap.

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