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Meetingplace 8 type 2(schedule via webex) video not active (EMS)

I have 2 problem with meetingplace 8(EMS) shecdule via webex

1. Video Not Active when schedule via webex

I shedule via webex ( web meeting is ok. Audio call back to IP Phone(9971) and can join audio to meeting but video not active.

I can call to Meetingplace number and create meeting via IP Phone, video can joined to meetingplace

2. call in to Meetingplace audio not join to webex meeting

When i schedule web conference via webex then and I call-in from IP Phone to Meetingplace number. I enter profile number before join to conference. I can joined to web conference but audio not associate with user on web conference

please suggest me for reslove my problem



Do you use a WebEx MCS node too?

I had a similar problem to point 1... this turned out to MCS node related and was because the meetings were being scheduled at internal only. When this happens it is impossible to use Video unless you use meetingplace video and not integrated WebEx video.

Point 2 to me makes it sound like something has gone wrong with the configuration somwhere... can yuou maybe outline how many servers you have and in what configuration they are set up?



HI Paul

yes i have mcs webex node.

point 1. I scheduled only internal meeting and use only meetingplace video not webex video. but video no active on IP Phone

point 2. I have 1 MP App server, 1 MCS Webex node and webex site( I config directory service between CUCM and MP.  And config sso between MP and Webex site. end user can sync from CUCM to webex site

Thank you



Ok so i havent really played with meetingplace video very much so I am probably not going to be of much help... that said I did test a conference using meetingplace video once (using CUCILYNC and not the IP phone) and this worked fine.

I would really recommend raising a TAC case but in addition the best advice I can give is to try and edit a setting in the webex connection settings (on the meetingplace server) then apply this and change it back (and apply again). I have noticed that this can help kick start things.



There are two video options with MP and WebEx. 

The first is WebEx video.  This uses web based video and does not support Cisco Video phones at this time.  Just works with PC video endpoints like the camera on your laptop.  This also only works with external WebEx meetings and not internal meetings.  There is no support for WebEx video on internal WebEx meetings.  There is no need to schedule video WebEx meetings.  Web based video is available on all external meetings.  Just click on the video icon next to your name to initiate.

The second is using MP video.  This uses Cisco video endpoints beside TelePresence. Iphone video will not work on internal meetings.  The video endpoint needs to be registered to CUCM/gateway for MP video to work.

Hope this helps


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