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Ahmed habib

Migration of CUCM 8.6 on MCS to CUCM 11.5 on UCS C220 M5K9

Hello, I watched Jaime Valencia videos about migration but I have many questions about PCD and other scenarios

Note: The environment isn't big

1- I want to backup data from old CUCM and install 8.6 on new UCS then restore data and upgrade with OS admin, Is that solution stable, where did I find suitable COP files, bootable 8.6 ISO image and the phones will register automatically after migration ?

2- If I bulk data using BAT from 8.6 and install 11.5 and import data on it, Is that stable?

3- If I use PCD, I want detailed steps because I miss understand the video totally, Can I install it on a separate IBM server with ESXI Installed,  will the phones register on new 11.5 normally with the latest firmware or with 8.6 existing firmware ?

Cesar Trombeta

Hello Ahmed,


Please use these links for your concerns: <<-- CUCM Migration 8.6 to 11.5


If you are pretending to use BAT, you will have to use BAT from the new version, the 11.5 to get it work.


COP files are not needed if you choose to go with PCD migration path.



Kind Regards/Saludos/Grato


Cesar Trombeta

Thanks @Cesar Trombeta I will see these links

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

1 COP files required are on downloads @, bootable media you'll need to get from TAC or your SE. Unless you change anything regarding ITL, they should register just fine once you switch the servers.


2 Yes, if you want to go through the manual process of formatting the data for 11.5


3 Phones will use whatever is under device defaults or hard-coded at device level. You can use any Cisco or 3rd party server as long as it meets the CUCM HW requirements, and you meet the ESXi requirements for PCD.



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Thank you very much @Jaime Valencia

please @Cesar Trombeta @Jaime Valencia Can you help me with this case

Hello, I am having CUCM 8.6 on MCS with IP address x.x.x.x and I will migrate and build a new CUCM 11.5 on UCS 

I want to install new one offline with the same IP address x.x.x.x then switch network cables to go live

My question is I want the new one record on the DNS server on the initial network although it isn't reachable

Is CUCM installation check DNS reachability

What Shall I do with that scenario to intall the new CUCM with the same IP in the network without PCD ?

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

I can't recall if it does validate that ALL the DNS servers work, but if you're using DNS, you should have at least one server which is reachable and has the proper DNS entries.



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