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Migration users from 4.x to 8.0 (3&3 Promotion)

Guys, I just want to make sure that I´m doing the right thing here, I have a client that needs to upgrade their voip network this is what they have:


PN: MCS-7825-H1-IPC1

·         OS Image: 2000.4.1

·         OS Upgrade: 2000.4.4a

·         System Version: 4.2(3)sr4b

·         Administration Verion: 4.2(2)

·         Instalation ID: CCM4.2(3)sr4b

AnAnd I´m getting the: MCS7816I4-K9-CMD1 with the CM8.

Nonow, my question is, the reason I´m doing this, it is because I´m adding more users on the network. So, I´m buying License for the new phone (PN: LIC-CUCM-USR), now what about the phones that is already there? What is the part number that I need to get to upgrade my eisting phones that the license is 4.x to 8..x?

SoSome one can help me on this?


Assuming your customer doesn;t have UCSS, Use CUCM-USR-LIC then choose the MIG SKU for 3 dollars per user. You can use the number of phones as a reference on the number of users and this will provide rights for you to move to version 8.

More details are here


So, I´m already using the CUCM-USR-LIC for the new phones that will be added, that means I need to use those for the old phone too?

an example:

I have 130 phone that will be added:

130   -    CUCM-USR-LIC

I have 57 existing phones with license for 4.x, so I will get more

57   -  CUCM-USR-LIC


Plus de MIG SKU for each of the old user? And what is the part number for this MIG SKU, do you know?

Thanks a lot for your help...

So assuming you don't have UCSS, start with CUCM-USR-LIC, within that you will see migration option. Inside that select 57 for 3 per user and within the same top level part # you will see enhanced/basic/essential/public space licensing for new users. Put in the other number there.

Watch these videos for step by step instructions


Thank you very much. got it.!


We are selling new MCS servers to replace old 4.x MCS servers.  Each MCS servers, come with support for  X release.

For example:

7.X= MCS782514-K9-CMC2

8.X = MCS7825I4-K9-CMD1

The question is, if i move the clients from 4.x to 7.1.5  on NEW MCS servers. What server should i chooose? The MCS server supported  7.x or 8.x ? I am told that 8.x MCS 7825I4-K9-CMD1 will not support 7.1.5 upgrade.

Please advise ASAP


Hi Srini,

As a Partner SE within Cisco I do understand the 3&3 offer, but I get more and more requests in the 'corners of the offering'.

This specific case comes most close to the case I ran into today: what if you use 3&3 for upgrading and at the same time you want to add new users?

1: add SNR-only users without a deskphone

2: add users with IP phones

You state the current number of phones can be used as a reference. Does not sound like a hard requirement..

In case 1 (SNR-only) it seems clear to me: no additional phones added, in previous CUCM versions users are not linked to licenses, so for these users (new as well as existing) basic UCL's can be ordered using the 3&3 program.

In case 2 (user with IP phone) what stops the customer from using the 3&3 offer  as well for existing as for new users? It that allowed? If not, is it checked / enforced somehow?

Cheers, Fred.

Yes you can under CUCM-USR-LIC these would be purchased like regular enhanced/basic users outside the MIG SKU. While SNR technically can be turned on without a deskphone, in terms of licensing they need to be at least a basic, last post in the thread. Both Basic and enhanced include SNR

At the end of the day all of this is still DLU so there is no user enforcement but in 9.X it will be(details are still being worked on). So it is best to stick as close to the rules as possible


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