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Mobile and Remote Access via Expressway - Question regarding Expressway-C Licenses


We're in the process of trying to implement Mobile and Remote Access via Expressway version X8.2.

We believe that the configuration is correct, however our Jabber clients all report the error, 'Cannot communicate with the server'. This error message appears after the Expressway-E has sent it's certificate to the Jabber client. We're currently signing the Expressway-E certificate with our enterprise CA until we have a working solution, after which we'll get a public certificate for the Expressway-E.

Anyway, I suspect that the problem could be due to the licensing of the Expressway-C. Can anyone confirm if the Expressway-C should have option keys installed for Rich Media Sessions?

Currently our Expressway-E is licensed for 20 Rich Media Session and our Expressway-C is licensed for 0 Rich Media Sessions. I'd like confirmation if this is normal or if we're missing licenses?

I've attached screenshots from both of the Expressways for your review.

Thanks for your time,




George Thomas

Can you create a PRT from the Jabber client and attach it here?

The RMS license should be split between Exp-C/E. ie you should have 10 on your C and 10 on your E to have 10 concurrent video calls. You will have to work with licensing to get that ironed out.

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Thanks for your reply George. We ended up resolving the Jabber client connectivity issue. Our Expressway-E was configured with a private hostname in our internal domain, ie., 'hostname.internal'. We changed its hostname to how its known publicly, ie., ''. Once we made the change and rebooted the Expressway-E, our Jabber clients could connect. Just confirming that what you're saying regarding the RMS licensing is that it only impacts on the ability to place video calls? I will log a call with licensing to see if they'll help me to split the RMS license. They should make it clearer about how to apply the RMS because they were included in the Expressway-E PAK fulfillment. Thanks for your reply. Dave


You are correct on the RMS part, those licenses are used for B2B calls (calling from Jabber to another company) or for Lync interop calls if you had the OCS interop keys. I agree, the licensing could be a little more streamlined.


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