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Mike Reilly

More than one Alternate Contact Number?

In Unity 4.2 is there a way to define more than one alternate contact number under the caller input section? I've got scenarios where a person may want to press 1 to connect to their cell phone and press 2 to connect to a broadcast hunt group. It seems that I can only have 1 unique alt contact number at a time.

Cisco Employee

That's correct - users can only have 1 mapped for them to edit on their own (admins can, of course, set up such links for them via the SA).


I am having the same issue with Unity 7.0.

Users asks the possibility to transfer to mobile if key 0 is pressed and transfer to the reception if key 2 is pressed.

Lindborgh says that admins can set it up using SA, can someone please clarify how to do this ?

Your help is much appreciated

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Nicolas,

These "Caller Input" options are located under the Greeting section for the User(s)

in question

SA>User>Greeting>Caller Input

Allow Caller Input

Check this check box to enable caller input for the greeting. The Caller Input page defines the actions that Cisco Unity takes in response to touchtone keys pressed by callers. Click the Caller Input link to view the Caller Input page.

Default: Check box checked.



Hi Rob,

Thanks for your reply. I know how to set caller inputs that's not realy the issue.

The issue is that I need to assign 2 different "alternate contact" numbers to 2 different keys.


Key 0 > 2222

Key 2 > 3333

If I assign an alternate contact number of 2222 to key 0, then go to key 2 and change the alternate contact number this also changes key 0.

Is there a way to reslve this by using an alternate contact number for key 0 and a call handler for key 2 ?

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Nicolas,

Sorry about that, I didn't realize this behaviour in Unity existed

In Unity Connection you can configure all 0-9 Caller Input options

to go to different Alternate Contact numbers. After doing some more

research I see other people who have come across the same issue

you are seeing. I like your idea of routing to a Call Handler as a first step

with a blank Greeting and an after greeting action.



Has anyone else an idea how I can solve this issue ?

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