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Doug Thompson

Need help understanding the 'new' SRSV

I am trying to understand what is required at the central and branch locations for the 'new' version of SRSV.I

I am only able to find 'old' documentation for the 7.1 etc release that I thought was pulled back.

My customer is running Unity Connection 9.1 at the central location. They are rolling out voice to their branches and were looking at various voicemail options. They were planning on having the phones register to the centralized CUCM cluster but have CUE do voicemail locally.

I thought SRSV had been reintroduced in UCXN 9.1 but as mentioned, having a hard time trying to find any relevant documentation on it.

My main question is what needs to go into an ISR G2 at the branch to make SRSV work from a hardware AND licensing perspective as well as what is needed back at the central site.

I add a SME910 to the router. From there, it gets a little confusing. CCW lists options for adding either 1) Unified Messaging Gateway or 2) CUE.

I didn't think the new version of SRSV used the Unified Messaging Gateway but I could be wrong.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards.


Hi Doug,

Take a look here:  System Administration Guide for Cisco Unity Connection Release 9.x - Managing Cisco Unity Connection Survivable Remote S…

For more information on how to configure Cisco Unity Connection SRSV at branch location Connection, refer to the guide available at

Hi Doug,

I'm trying to locate the IOS commands for SRSV/SRST.  Also the MWI doesn't work during a WAN outage and the voicemail messages get sent to a central voicemail account.  Voicemails don't go to the Users account.  I'm trying to understand why this product is useful if the MWI doesn't function?  Anyway below are some documents recommended by some of my co-workers.

I always start in this section. It's where they gather the SRST stuff.

SRSV Design Guide:

Complete SRSV Guide is here:

Thank you


Just to answer your question on MWI, this is a known limitation and is on the roadmap to get fixed.



Doug Thompson

Thanks to everyone who has replied.

Because UCXN only supports ten (10) remote branches, my customer is most likely going to stick with CUE at the branches so no SRSV.

Thank you again however for the help.

Hi Doug,

Both the lack of MWI and extending the number of nodes supported are on our short term roadmap - Meaning we intend to announce support in our upcoming minor release in a few months.

Hi Brindal/Cisco Community

Have you received reports of synchronization issues between SRSV and CUC? 

Thank you


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