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Networked Unity 4.21 and transfer between Servers

I have a question about networked Unity 4.21 servers and transfering voicemails between users on different servers.

Both servers are in the same dialing domain. When user A on Server A transfers a voicemail to User B on Server B, User B gets the VM Messasge but when it is played back the system says the message is from the extension # not the User name. User A has a name recorded and when he transfers messages to users on his home server A the system say you have a message from "user A" not his extension.

Is this by design? is there a configuration option I'm missing to make this work?

Please shed some light or point me to the docs that will help.




Re: Networked Unity 4.21 and transfer between Servers

Hi -

Check out this section of the Unity networking guide -

Look at the heading "Enabling Identified Subscriber Messaging Between Networked Cisco Unity Subscribers". It contains all of the steps to make this work and may shed light on what you are missing.

Enabling identified subscriber messaging (ISM) between networked Cisco Unity subscribers requires the following:

- The Cisco Unity servers must be connected to the same phone system or phone system network as described in the "Dialing Domains" section.

- The servers must be configured to be in the same dialing domain, as described in the "Customizing the Primary Location" section.

- The automated attendant search scope on each server must be set to the dialing domain as described in the "Setting the Automated Attendant Search Scope" section.

- For systems using Exchange 2000 or Exchange 2003, the applicable permissions must be set, as described in the "Setting Permissions on Active Directory Containers Used for Importing Subscribers" section.

- Identified subscriber messaging on each server must be enabled in the Cisco Unity Administrator as described in the "Enabling Identified Subscriber Messaging on Each Cisco Unity Server" section.

Hope this helps! Ginger


Re: Networked Unity 4.21 and transfer between Servers

Thanks for your reply. I had already followed this guide before my post. It still wasn't working.

However, it started working about 8 hours after the initial networking setup. I think it just took time for replication and sync. to work.

It is working now.

Thanks again.

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