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numeric adhoc/rendez-vous on CMS like with Conductor/TPS

I'm testing/piloting Cisco CMS (2.3.6) as a likely replacement for our Conductor/TelePresence infrastructure.


I have both CUCM and VCS as call controls.

I managed to configure CMS and join a space that is pre-created.


Our current Conductor/TelePresence deployment uses an adhoc model where a numeric number is dialed with a prefix. The Prefix is matched by VCS, sent to the conductor, alias is matched using a regex expression (such as (777\d{7}).* ) and a conference is created on the fly using a template with the entered numbers that followed the prefix. I need to replicate this with CMS. Possible? if so how?



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Re: numeric adhoc/rendez-vous on CMS like with Conductor/TPS

In CMS to achieve the rendezvous meeting destinations you would have to create coSpace's that matches your dial-plan unlike in conductor where you could define a "range" (At least to the best of my knowledge).


From the CMS webadmin go to Configuration>Space and then define a name and URI and set any other settings necessary for that space. 

If you had to create a bunch it might be faster to use the API to create the coSpaces. Here is the API guide which has a section on creating coSpaces.


Re: numeric adhoc/rendez-vous on CMS like with Conductor/TPS

Hi Sebastien,

Did you ever get a solution for this? I am in same boat that our customer wants to continue numeric dialing (any number within a huge range) and CMS should create this on the fly.

This is the only thing holding up our moving from TPS to CMS






Re: numeric adhoc/rendez-vous on CMS like with Conductor/TPS

Sorry for the late reply...


No we're basically integrating with AD and will stop using the random numbers to create adhoc bridges.

It's dissapointing, brings additional management overhead, and significant user changes but it does bring some interesting benefits such as the ability to offer customizability of the one's space such setting a PIN with a web portal that sends API commands to CMS.


These weren't easily possible straight with the conductor/TPS. (We never deployed TMSPE, I hear that was better...)



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