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Office Hours Open: Wed 12/15 5pm PST Cisco Unified MeetingPlace

I am a technical marketing engineer supporting CIsco Unified MeetingPlace, MeetingPlace Express!  Ask me anything!

Bobbie Martin, TME



   I am installing Meetingplace 6.I wanted to import User profiles to Meetingplace.Please send me (sample of import file) if any.


Balasubramanian N

There is a MeetingPlace 6 docwiki site that you can find all kinds of good technical documentation for MeetingPlace systems.

Another trick to getting the DB fields is to do a "Profile Report" Export into Excel and then all the headers are already there for really only need 5 fields of information and the "Group" field will set all the other profile fields to a "Group Default"



Is there a url where we can demo Cisco Unfied Meetingplace Express to one of our customers.



Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express 2.X and MeetingPlace Express VT are now End of Sale and not available for demos.

I think you mean Cisco Unfiied MeetingPlace 8 using the Media Express Server option??  If you are a UC Advanced Specialized Partner, you need to purchase the UC 8 NFR Kit which includes MeetingPlace 8 software which can be deployed for customer demo's.  If you are a customer, contact your Cisco Account Team for all UC demo's.

Hi Barbara, we have recently deployed Cisco Meeting Place 8.x, I am unable to find any plugin for Microsoft Office 2010. Secondly how do we configure CUMP to send out e-mail for notification. Any sample notification templates that could be modified other than default templates. I would also like some information on the following:

- Outbound calling facility

- Masking outbound calling number

- dialing meeting place number via IPT using CUCM 8.0.2 (internal dialing via short codes if any procedure; call control via meeting place)



Hi Mansoor:

It depends on your deployment type:

  • If you have deployed Cisco WebEx as part of MeetingPlace then the WebEx Outlook Plug-In is already compatible with Outlook 2010 32 Bit Edition (64 Bit Edition to follow soon)
  • If on the other hand you have standardized on the MeetingPlace Front-End (No WebEx) then current MeetingPlace Outlook Plug-In is not yet compatible with Outlook 2010. This support is road-mapped for MeetingPlace 8.5.2 - Projected FCS Q2 Calendar 2011. In the meanwhile, end-users who are using Outlook 2010 can use MP/Web (Web Based scheduler) to book meetings. In case you were wondering about the long lead-time, it turns out crafting an Outlook 2010 Plug-In involves re-architecting the software because Microsoft basically depreciated the ECE API in Outlook 2010 - thus rendering the current Outlook Plug-In obsolete.

Our TMEs can respond to your other question.



Thank you Venkatesh, it's a simple deployment without the Meeting Place WebEx integration. We have Microsoft teams on site, will check and follow up with them as well regarding this issue.



I have a question.

1)If you go with MP scheduling Option with MP8 then it is confusing whether you need an internal MP web server if all you want is Outlook scheduling in audio/video/web mode? Now I know that if all you do is audio only and all you care about is Outlook scheduling( and don’t care about the web interface or storing recordings on premise) then you don’t need a web server. However what isn’t clear is if you want audio/web then do you still need an internal web server in MP scheduling mode or can you get away with the Outlook plug-in? The MP 8 planning guide seems to indicate you need it but it isn’t clear.

2) Lastly if you do need it then once again the planning guide is very generic in that it mentions you need 2, one internal and one in the DMZ even under the Internal only option. However if all I care about is internal users and I don’t plan on having guest users join or if my users are outside and they can VPN then I don’t need a second web server, correct? Shouldn't the requirement for two servers only be stressed in mixed mode?



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