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Rew Waltman

Outbound Calls receiving Spam Risk - Using CenturyLink PRI - CUCM 10.5

Cellular users are receiving a "spam risk" message when we send some calls. I've contacted our carrier and my att mobile rep but there's no answer. Only recommendation was to try and send cname along with the call. Is anyone else having this problem. Does anyone have a solution?

Gregory Brunn

Sounds like your not being marked properly and the new Shaken/STIR protocol which is charge of determining this is not working for you.


Does this only happen to when cell phones are on one carrier or is it happening across all celular carriers. If only one carrier I would suggest asking Century link to work with that carrier. If it is all carriers I would ask century link to fix the issue.


Apple and most companies are rolling this out.  Your carrier should be able to tell you why exactly your calls are being marked this way.... and if they can't guess what there are other carriers.

It's mostly AT&T mobile customers. I spoke to CenturyLink support and they suggested sending a name but my PRI's are not sending a name only the number.

Sorry I am confused are you asking how to send a caller Id outbound from cucm.


I would read the fcc article posted and get a hard confirmation from century what they need from you to make the issue go away.


mostly and saying it is only att are two different things you need to attempt to limit your scope of the problem.

please do a debug isdn q931 and post the results remove the numbers with dummy numbers.

Are you seeing you advertise the cname out...

If not here is a similar thread that will help you

Gregory Brunn
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