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Outbound SIP calls get 401 Unauthorized


I am about to convert a Innovaphone system to CUCM. The Innovaphone is connected with a SIP trunk to deutsche telekom i am going to use the same SIP trunk on the CUCM but i can´t make any outbound calls when i test it. The register goes fine but when makin outgoing calls i get 401 Unauthorized followed by 403 Forbidden. I have tried different things Change "From" and "PAI" to the main number with no luck.

I have attached the configuration from the CUBE and debug where we are doing 1 outbound call.


Re: Outbound SIP calls get 401 Unauthorized

In dial-peer 6, remove :

voice-class sip profiles 201
voice-class sip registration passthrough

and give it a try.

Looks like to me there is an issue in the sip authentication header.

Re: Outbound SIP calls get 401 Unauthorized

Hi David,

I am setting up a new sip trunk with Deutsche telekom service provider. Trunk registered and incoming calls is working fine. But issue with outgoing calls it is not working getting SIP/2.0 403 Forbidden (R403_REQUEST_NOT_ALLOWED) from service provider. Not getting proper support from them not sure how to reach english support and their technical support . Seems you faced similar issue please hep.

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Re: Outbound SIP calls get 401 Unauthorized

Is this a new CUBE for the CUCM or existing CUBE working with current system?  If new CUBE then you need to ensure the telco provider points to it, as a SIP trunk needs to be configured on both sides and point to the other side, otherwise it will not accept the call.

Re: Outbound SIP calls get 401 Unauthorized

It was working with ISDN with voice gateway as SIP protocol. Hence one leg CUCM--VG SIP.. Now i configured SIP trunk towards service provider. Trunk registered with service provider and incoming call is working. Only issue with outgoing call as mentioned above getting 403 cause code. No proper support from service provider. 

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