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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files


Partial license migration from 9.x to 10 in a mixed 9.x/10.x cluster

Hi there,


a customer ask this:

Have a 10.x Prime License Manager. Onto this 2 instances, one productive CUCM 9.x and another 9.x CUCM for test purposes.

Now he want to migrate the test CUCM to version 10. So he upgraded the machine and get a new 10.x CUCM instance on PLM.

With the migration tool in PLM now he want to migrate the old 9.x licenses from this instances to the new 10. I think this should be work without any influence to the productive 9.x CUCM.


After some time he wants to add more devices to the new 10.x CUCM. But he has no more licenses. In the co-exiting 9.x CUCM he has more licenses as needed. Is it possible to migrate some single licenses from this 9.x instance to the 10.x instance? How to do this?

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Hi Support Albakom,Licenses

Hi Support Albakom,

Licenses are fulfilled to a specific Cisco Prime License Manger. If you require licenses to be moved to a new Cisco Prime License Manager, they will be need to be rehosted. Please look at the link for more information.

If you need further assistance, feel free to email me at


Alyza Reyes

Hi,so I think there is a


so I think there is a misunderstood. There is only one PLM with two CUCM instances. One 9.x and one 10.x

The customer want to migrate some single licenses from the 9.x CUCM to the 10.x CUCM- not all 9.x -licenses. The PLM is still the same. Licenses should not be moved to a new PLM. The should be moved frome a 9.x instance to the 10.x instance.


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