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Permission to use BAT in CM 7

Communications Manager 7.1(5)

I would like to setup limited access for contractors who wiill only need to use BAT. But it appears that I will have to give these users Admin rights to users inorder for them to be able to use BAT. Does anyone know of a different way?


Lakshmi Adapala
Cisco Employee

Role and user group menu options in the Cisco CallManager Administration User Management menu  allow Cisco CallManager administrators who have full administration privilege (access) to configure end users and application users with different levels of privilege. Administrators with full administration privilege configure roles and user groups. In general, full-access administration users configure the privilege of other administration users and end users to Cisco CallManager Administration and to other applications.
Different levels of privilege exist for each application. For the Cisco CallManager Administration application, two levels of privilege exist: read privilege and update privilege. Users with update privilege can view and modify the Cisco CallManager Administration windows to which the user's user group has update privilege. A user with read privilege can only view the Cisco CallManager Administration windows that belong to the roles to which the user's user group has read privilege but will not be able to update.

Roles comprise groups of resources for an application. At installation, default standard roles get created for various administrative functions. You may, however, create custom roles that comprise custom groupings of resources for an application. So you can create a custom role with the priviliges that you desire for this group and assign this to a custom group and assign the end user to these. Basically you can add a new user group, you then add users to a user group. Afterward, you may proceed to assign roles to a user group.
Joseph Martini
Cisco Employee

You can't limit to only allowing BAT since BAT really is an admin operation where you add/change phones.

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