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PIMG integrate with Nortel PBX

We are planning to use PIMG to integrate Unity 8.0 with Nortel Meridian 1 PBX, and we are following the guide of the following link:

We have 1 Cisco Unity, 4 PIMG and 2 PABX. The topology of the PIMG, Unity and PABX are as follow:

Unity <--- IP ---> PIMG x 4 <--- 32 digital line ---> PABX 1 <--- T1 tie line ---> PABX 2

All the features for phone in PABX 1 are working fine, user can leave voice message and receive the voice message, also for the MWI notification. However, PABX 2 cannot receive proper MWI notification, as we can see in the messsage page in the unity, it said MWI request failed.

We just want to know is it possible for this topology working? If it is possible, the settting is in the Unity or in the Nortel PBX? As I think that Unity setting cannot help much for this issue, when I use the port status monitor, I can see that the MWI is sending out through the ports, then retry again and again.


PIMG integrate with Nortel PBX

Hi Siukai,

Having minimal experience with Nortel PBX  configuration myself, from your description it sounds like "PABX 1"  isn't configured properly to relay MWI signal over the tie line to "PABX  2" as would be needed for this feature to work.


PIMG integrate with Nortel PBX

Hi Timothy,

Thanks for your reply.

Because Nortel side are according to my instrcution to make the configuration, but we are not familiar with it.

So don't know does it have this feature or not.

Also, I have opened a TAC case regarding to this issue, they said those PIMG need to connect to the PBX directly.

I am still verifying this comment.

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