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Porting outside numbers and routing through CallManager on SIP trunk

Dear Cisco Support Forum..

Hoping someone can help a bit with porting outside telephone numbers into our CallManager.

We are porting outside telephone numbers through a SIP trunk into our CallManager.

The SIP trunk is configured, (and it is up and registered) a partition, a route group, a route list, and built one pattern so far in the route pattern for e911.

I have been reading the documentation and want to be certain that I get all that I need to do, as when we port the numbers onto our SIP trunk, they will be no longer in service to the outside world if it isn't done correctly.

For example we are porting: 801-481-1234. From the documentation, it looks like I need to create a translation pattern so that it rings an internal extension of say 3491. -   Some of the numbers being ported in have matching last 4 digits of our internal and valid telephone extensions and cannot overlap. It looks like I can control this with a predot? 

Will I make their callerID be the external number that we port in? and if so, is there someplace else that needs to be configured to handle that.

Is there someone that could maybe give some quick pointers as to the areas that need to be touched and if there are matching last 4 digits on the outside numbers as to what we have inside, the best way to configure those – or a reference guide as to how to complete this successfully?

They also need to be able to dial out and would like 4 digit internal dialing –(using our extension numbers for that) - I created a route pattern for them inside the partition created for them.

I am continuing to research it and test -  and appreciate very much any pointers, as I wasn't given a lot of time to learn it and get it configured. 

Thank you so much in advance for your help..