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Presence Cisco UP SIP proxy problem

I am working a demo/Lab environment and trying to set up Presence. The CUPC clients are installed and can search and add users to their groups. However I can not get presence to work. The presence field is greyed out. The server health is green for all areas except for presence. The clients are in a constant state of connect/disconect. While in the Admin page I notice that the I have an Information notice that the UP SIP PROXY service needs a restart in order for changes to take affect. No matter how many times I restart it the notice is still there.

I have checked the Sip proxy settings and everything seems fine. Any help would be great.

I have attached logs from one of the CUPC clients.



Have you specified a value in the End User's Digest Password on UCM Administration?

2010-06-11 15:02:53,156 [0x00001034] ERROR LCIsuaLog - (WABIMSG_SDKMSG) CSuaCallControlManager.Singleton.Asynchronous::CProxyRegistrationHelper::onFailure[3561] - Failed to register! error-code: 401, msg: 'Unauthorized'. Will no longer attempt registration for this SIP proxy target.

2010-06-11 15:02:53,156 [0x00001040] ERROR LCWabiSinks - (WABIMSG_REGSTATE11) *********   CUPS ( (slot 0) REGISTER STATE: FAILED!! code=401, reason=Unauthorized   *********

You are awesome! I didnt have the Digest Credentials set and even whent as far as to set an ACL. All clients work now.

Good job, first try. LoL

I am having the same issue and tried out the below but still i cant get the

CUPC to connect to the Presence it keeps on going between connecting/disconnecting under Show Server

Health...... I am attaching snap shot of the Show Server Health....

The other issue that I have is the Alert that I have no matter how manytimes I restarted the UP SIP Proxy Service and also restarted the server itself.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

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