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Daniel Williams

Prime Collaboration Provisioning 10.5 w/ Auto-Reg and Self Provision


This may be something simple that I am overlooking but I just cannot seem figure it out...

We have rolled out Collaboration Systems Release 10.5 with Prime Collaboration Provisioning 10.5 Standard in our lab for testing.  I got Provisioning setup to the CUCM and CUCx without issue and it is pulling users in from our AD without a problem.  My problem do we configure the users to be able to utilize phones that have been auto registered by invoking self provisioning.

Let me explain what I have done:

We have been provisioning users by utilizing the "Enhanced Endpoint Service" option without a problem.  In the endpoint configuration we have told it to just use a dummy MAC.  Once the user is fully provisioned they can go to one of the auto registered phones and use the Self Provisioning IVR to claim the phone.  This works great and the phone cycles and brings up the correct line and all.  The problem is it leave these BAT devices with the dummy MAC in place since the CUCM sees the dummy device and the auto-reg device a two separate devices.

Is there another way to accomplish this task that I am just missing?  I can see this being a very useful tool...there is just limited info out there that I can find.

Thanks in advance!



Anthony Gerbic
Cisco Employee


My understanding of this feature is that the CUCM Plug and Play mechanism is looking for a line, not an endpoint. When you connect an endpoint to CUCM and use the IVR process, it will ask you for the line to attach the endpoint to.

So, if you are going to be attaching a phone thorugh the IVR process, create only a line (possibly with voicemail) and then use the IVR to attach the endpoint to the line from the endpoint itself.

If you are going to be adding an actual endpoint with line to the user then you cannot use the IVR process. The only option for the end-user is to login to Prime Collaboration Provisioning Self-Care, select the endpoint and change the dummy MAC address to the actual MAC on the phone. This will attach the real phone to the line.  A PCP admin has a couple other options to sort out the MAC address or TAPS is another (but less popular) option to convert dummy MACs to real MACs.


What are the other option as statedabove " A PCP admin has a couple other options to sort out the MAC address or TAPS is another (but less popular) option to convert dummy MACs to real MACs."?  Besides TAPS.  I don't want the end user to have to enter the MAC address.  Currently when the device is self-provisioned using the IVR it remains with Universal Line and Universal Phone Button Template configured in CUCM instead of the endpoint configured in Prime Collaboration Provisioning.


Unfortunately, MAC addresses are still a necessary evil in UC. I would like to get the phone registration process cleaned up as well.

The ways to change a dummy MAC to a real MAC that I can think of are as follows:

  1. Admin can perform a change phone on the phone and put in the right MAC
  2. Admin can use a batch to update or change a phone, or bunch of phones, that have dummy MACs (or real MACs for that matter)
  3. Admin can use the "personal settings" and change the MAC (essentially the Prime self-care function from within PCP)
  4. TAPS can be used.
  5. End-use can login to the Prime self-care portal and enter the right MAC
  6. Workflow can be turned on for Assigner, and admins can enter the right MACs as part of the Assigner work flow.

The comment about CUCM's self-provisioning function is true. We cannot fix it within PCP but will work with our TMEs and the CUCM team to come up with a better process.



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