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Problem SFTP Backup with Prime Collaboration Provisionning



I can't make a SFTP  Backup on my Prime Collaboration Provisionning.

When I test the connectivity with the SFTP Store, the result is "negotiation algorithm fail". I use a Cygwin SFTP.

This configuration works with the CUCM and CUC.


Is it possible the SFTP backup works with Cygwin ?


Thank You for your help.




Anthony Gerbic
Cisco Employee

I have not spec'ed PCP to work with Cygwin environments so it is not a tested or supported environment. That does not mean it cannot work or does not work, only that it has not been tested so not supported. I am not aware of anyone that has tried to use SFTP under Cygwin with PCP.

Does it work against an SFTP client running on the native Windows server running the Cygwin SFTP service or on a different Linux or Windows server?

The version of PCP may also be important as we have added many security fixes in the last couple of revisions to meet PSIRT requirements. I suspect an SSL version mismatch or certificate problem but don't know more to offer at this point. I suspect the SFTP connection log may show an attempted connection and the protocol version(s) used. 



Did you even find a resolution to the "Failed Algorithm " issue. We are running Globalscape backups which work 100% with CUCM and CUC but PCP backups will not work


To be honest, we have not heard another comment about Cygwin or Globalscape in a very long time.  People are SFTP backing up PCP to Linux and Windows servers on a regular basis without problem. Last year we switched from a very old Redhat linux to the latest CentOS, with all libs updated.  We use the same security apps CUCM uses (CIscoSSL/SSH) for the same TLS/encryption.


What version of PCP are you using? Is PCP working with native SFTP servers (Linux/Windows) but not with Globalscape, or with all SFTP apps on your network. Are you using port 22 or a different port? What kind of specific error messages are you getting? There might be something in this we can comment on or spot check in our labs.  If you are worried about passing info in the forum, pass it through your partner or SE directly to PC marketing.





Thank you for your response
I am running PCP version 11.6 , and the error I receive when testing connection is "Algorithm negotiation failed". ( See attached pic)
I have checked the Globalscape settings and they are the same for all the other UCM ( CUCM/UCM/UCCx) SFTP backup that are working.
Any Ideas?
Sathishbabu Muthalagan
Cisco Employee

You might be hitting this defect- CSCvc31050-PCP Backup functionality is not working for SFTP/FTP in PCP 11.6.

This defect fixed in 12.1 and above. If you would like to get this fixed in 11.6, please contact Cisco TAC.

Excellent Thank You , I am opening a TAC case as this is likely the issue I am having .
Have a Great Day
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