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Pulling data from Cisco Attendant Console CUAC

Hello all,

I need help to figure how to collect some data from CUAC. I could not find any documented API that would allow me to query CUAC box. So I decided to query the data directly from CUAC database. Unfortunately, the schema is not that easy to follow and it is not documented. Here is what I need to pull from CUAC:

1. DDI value for the given queue

This data is available in CUAC web admin at User Configuration -> Queue Management:

then click Select:

finally click the link in the Association Information panel:

This examples illustrates that US-TX-HOU2 queue has DDI set to 8476. I browsed the entire database and could not find where this mapping is stored. The closest thing found is Filter_Data column in Queue_Filter_Item table which may be joined with Queue_Filters and Queue_Details tables:

Is that the proper way to query DDI for any given queue in CUAC?

2. Operator to Queue associations

To access this data in CUAC web admin click User Configuration -> Operator Management:

then click select:

The screen-shot above illustrates that OPERATOR3 is associated with US-GA-ATL1, US-IL-LCN3 and US-WI-GRB1 queues. Where is the database this association is stored? The closest thing I found is Agent_Skills table:

which after few joins with Skill_Details and Queue_Skills tables may provide the needed data. But it doesn't look right to me.

That is all I need - just two pieces of data:

 - DDI value for any given queue

 - operator to queue association.

May be someone knows CUAC data model or the logic behind the database schema, or some API that can be used to query this information? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,



From Cisco tech support:

Hello Alexander

Below  are the queries provided by the DEV team 



-- To get Queue Name and DDI



SELECT QD.Queue_Name AS QueueName, QFI.Filter_Data AS DDI

FROM dbo.Queue_Details AS QD

INNER JOIN dbo.Queue_Filters      AS QF  ON QD.Queue_Unique_Ref  = QF.Queue_Unique_Ref

INNER JOIN dbo.Queue_Filter_Items AS QFI ON QF.Filter_Unique_Ref = QFI.Filter_Unique_Ref

WHERE QD.Queue_Type = 'CNSLQ'



-- To get Operator Name and Queue Assosiations



SELECT AD.Login_Name AS OperatorName,  QD.Queue_Name AS QueueName

FROM dbo.Agent_Details AS AD

INNER JOIN dbo.Agent_Skills  AS ASk ON  AD.Agent_Unique_Ref  = ASk.Agent_Unique_Ref

INNER JOIN dbo.Skill_Details AS SD  ON  ASk.Skill_Unique_Ref = SD.Skill_Unique_Ref

INNER JOIN dbo.Queue_Skills  AS QS  ON  SD.Skill_Unique_Ref  = QS.Skill_Unique_Ref

INNER JOIN dbo.Queue_Filters AS QF  ON  QS.Queue_Unique_Ref  = QF.Queue_Unique_Ref

INNER JOIN dbo.Queue_Details AS QD  ON  QF.Queue_Unique_Ref  = QD.Queue_Unique_Ref

WHERE AD.Login_Type = 'CNSLA' AND QD.Queue_Type = 'CNSLQ' ORDER BY OperatorName, QueueName




to cover all bases - The script that lists operator / queue associations will only show operators that have queues associated with them. (So if they have a operator that is not associated with any queue, this operator will be visible within the data export).