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Region in CUCM not working

Hi All,


I have 2 Device Pool with different Region. Device Pool 1 will used for Desktop Jabber and Cisco 7841 while Device Pool 2 will be used for Mobile Jabber Clients.Device Pool 1 is using Region 1 with a maximum 64kbps audio bit rate. Device Pool 2 is using Region 2 with a maximum of 264. I have attached the screenshot of the Device Pool Setting.


It was working fine until yesterday, all the mobile clients unable to dial to external party but if they are calling internal, it works fine.


We are not sure the reason while it failed suddenly so we did a trial and error. We found out it was because the region. When we change the Device Pool 2 to Region 1, it was working fine but when we use Region 2, it failed.


Please advise on this


Thank you.

Slavik Bialik
Rising star

I'm guessing that the trunk to PSTN is configured with a Device Pool 1, and as you can see in your region configurations on Region 2, it cannot communicate with Region 1.
I also see that Region 1, cannot communicate with Region 2. So.. what happens when you try to dial from phones in region 1 to phones in region 2? Is it working?

Hi, it was working previously but all of the sudden it is not working. we did not change anything..
Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

The screen shot show that the regions only have hard coded within themselves, which means that the rely on default service parameter for codec between regions, which by default is G729 (8 kbps) inter-region.  If you want to force specific codec between the regions you need to build the proper relationship between them.

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