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Remote Destination Profile and Associated Remote Destination

I might be missing somthing obvious but going through the doc I can't figure it out.

Using the call manager, when creating a Remote Destination Profile, we can attach a Directory Number (remote Destination Profile Line in Provisioning) and from there, in the "Associated Remote Destination", add a destination phone number to tell where to fork the call.

In Prime Provisioning, I can see how to create templates to setup the Remote Destination Profile and Remote Destination Profile Line, but I need the template to at the same time create the "Remote Destination" object in the CUCM. Going through the manual, I see that on the self-care portal, by going on the RDP icon, I can add a "single number reach" destination number (why a different name than in the CUCM? This is confusing...), but that is not what I want.

Is there any doc which explains how to do this?

On top of this, when I setup an "Associated Remote Destination" in a "Remote Destination Profile" in the CUCM, when from Prime Provisioning, in Deploy > "User Provisioning", I look at that user, go into "Personal Settings", select the icon named "single number reach", the "Alternate Numbers" fields are blank.

What am I missing/mis-understanding ?

In Deploy > User Provisioning Setup > Domain A > User Roles > Employee, I see a "Single Number Reach Service" but even when selected, I can't create a service template for it, nor can I add the service for an Employee.

Any help or Link to any documentation would be helpful

Cisco Employee



Unfortunately, there is no way to add Remote Destination on Prime Collab Provisioning. The only way is using self-care portal. Generally speaking, Single Number Reach is used for mobile phone number which end-user inputs. 

Cisco Prime Collaboration Provisioning uses end-user friendly word such as Jabber for Desktop instead of CSF. So it choose "Single Number Reach" instead of remote destination.

What is the purpose of RDP and RD in your case? I'd like to find alternative methods.




Thanks for your reply.

If we can't provision both RDP and RD with Prime Collaboration then this is a bad news.

The reason we need that is to setup simultaneous ring as part of an integration with Lync. So we need to provision RDP and RD as we provision UDP and desk phone.


As of 11.6 you create the RDP and RDP-Line template then the user has to go into the self-care portal to add their alternate device.  



Our TME created user stories in our backlog for the RD / RDP improvements based on field input.

I was not able to get into the PCP 11.5 development program (~August release) but we are scoping these changes this week into the current development cycle for the following release toward the end of the year.

If you have an interest in testing the feature within the EFT program, let me or a PCP TME know.



I am absolutely interested in testing this. How do we start?


Drop a note to and we will get you more info.