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Single user in CUCM 5 will not appear in CUPS 6

Hi Cisco,

I have a problem with a user that won't appear on the CUPS 6 server.

They are on the Call Manager 5 server and have the licence applied to them but they will not appear in CUPS.


Users call control wouldn't function in this CM cluster but would work in 2 others.

Determined that there was a problem with OCS confirming the DN with the CM5 cluster via CUPS but all settings were correct.

After trying to tick / untick all settings relating to call control nothing changed.

We then decided to try removing the user from call manager and re-adding them again.

We use LDAP so we moved the user out of the relevent OU for 2 days and the user was deleted.

We then moved the user back into the OU and the user was re-created in CUCM.

Now when we tick the licensing tick box for the user the user does not appear in CUPS.

This is the problem.

After doing some research I have found out that if I use the RTMT to trace the Sync Agent I can get the following error from CUPS when I tick / untick the licence tick box in CM5.

From CUPS when applying the licence on CM5

2010-04-22 16:19:35,834 DEBUG [Thread-5] sync.DbmonClient - process

2010-04-22 16:19:35,834 DEBUG [Thread-6] sync.DbmonQueueWorker - process msg: <msg><type>DBL</type><table>enduserlicense</table><tableid>418</tableid><action>I</action><time>1271917175</time><new><cdrserver>2</cdrserver><cdrtime>1271917174</cdrtime><pkid>20722bfa-1ddf-4045-ab9b-0cc630d8856f</pkid><fkenduser>979eba18-d07b-429a-a476-97c724a7ba4d</fkenduser><enablecups>t</enablecups><enablecupc>f</enablecupc></new></msg>

2010-04-22 16:19:35,835 INFO  [Thread-6] sync.DbmonQueueWorker - Change received for table enduserlicense Action: I

2010-04-22 16:19:35,836 INFO  [Thread-6] sync.DbmonQueueWorker - ------------insert into enduserlicense (pkid, fkenduser, enablecups, enablecupc) values ('20722bfa-1ddf-4045-ab9b-0cc630d8856f', '979eba18-d07b-429a-a476-97c724a7ba4d', 't', 'f')

2010-04-22 16:19:35,859 WARN  [Thread-6] sync.DbmonQueueWorker - SQL Exception(inserting): Error Code: -239
SQL State : 23000
Message   : Could not insert new row - duplicate value in a UNIQUE INDEX column.
Error Code: -100
SQL State : IX000
Message   : ISAM error: duplicate value for a record with unique key.

From CUPS when removing the licence on CM5

2010-04-22 16:24:31,224 DEBUG [Thread-5] sync.DbmonClient - process

2010-04-22 16:24:31,224 DEBUG [Thread-6] sync.DbmonQueueWorker - process msg: <msg><type>DBL</type><table>enduserlicense</table><tableid>418</tableid><action>D</action><time>1271917471</time><old><cdrserver>2</cdrserver><cdrtime>1271917470</cdrtime><pkid>20722bfa-1ddf-4045-ab9b-0cc630d8856f</pkid><fkenduser>979eba18-d07b-429a-a476-97c724a7ba4d</fkenduser><enablecups>t</enablecups><enablecupc>f</enablecupc></old></msg>

2010-04-22 16:24:31,225 INFO  [Thread-6] sync.DbmonQueueWorker - Change received for table enduserlicense Action: D

2010-04-22 16:24:31,225 INFO  [Thread-6] sync.DbmonQueueWorker - ------------delete from enduserlicense where pkid='20722bfa-1ddf-4045-ab9b-0cc630d8856f'
2010-04-22 16:24:31,231 INFO  [Thread-6] sync.DbmonQueueWorker - --------rows deleted:0

Anyone looking for a challenge?



Can you take a quick shot in the dark for me? I have a similar problem, wondering how similar it is...

SSH to the server...

Do this command and post back the file list:

File list activelog cm/log/Informix

Also what version of CUPS do you have?



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