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Support for Windows 7

When will the Cisco Unified Communications user applications support Windows 7? How about Windows 7 64-bit?



Do you have any update on MeetingPlace Plug-in for Outlook 2010? Any idea how the development work is going and when it will be released?



The MeetingPlace Team acknowledges that many customers are amidst a major PC refresh cycle to Windows 7 and Office 2010. Therefore we are already scoping out support for a MeetingPlace Outlook Plug-In.

  • The projected availability  is end CY 2010 (subject to change).

  • The following MP versions are targeted:    MP 7.0     (other MP versions TBD)

  • Alternatively, MeetingPlace 7 or 8 can be deployed using Webex Productivity Tools which will support Outlook 2010 plugin Fall 2010.

Thanks for the update Bobbie.

The plugin will only be available through customer's IT, or can I download it from the website?

MeetingPlace Outlook Integration plugin for OL2010/Exchange 2010 will be made available as a release version (7.1) and will be downloaded as a complete upgrade to all components of the MP 7 system, including the new OL plugin which will support OL 2010 integration.

Thanks Bobbie. What I meant to ask was can I come to the site and download directly or does my IT need to provision it for me? I mean in terms of access, will the download only be available via a "customer login" or anyone in the myciscocommunity?

Your IT department must upgrade the entire MeetingPlace version on all components to the 7.1 version before the OL 2010 plugin will be made available to end users.

Is there any update to the Outlook 2010 support?

There are 2 different deployment models where Outlook 2010 are used:

1) With MeetingPlace 7 or 8 with Webex Scheduling Model the Webex Productivity TOols which support OL 2010 today and can be fully deployed.

2)  With MeetingPlace 7 or 8 with MeetingPlace Scheduling model the MeetingPlace OL Plugin currently only supports OL 2000/2003/2007

          MeetingPlace will soon have a 7.1 version posted to CCO with suppport for OL 2010 using MP plugin

          MeetingPlace 8 will not have any OL plugin support for OL 2010 until 8.5.2 which is later this year and requires an upgrade.

What timeframe are we currently looking at for MP 7.1 with Outlook 2010 plugin support?


Bobbi (sp?),

I, too, am interested in the timeline associated to the MP 7.1 release.  Any further info regarding this would be great!

Any update on the Outlook 2010 plugin?

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