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TAPI driver not working anymore - Worked in Windows 8.1

I'm using the Cisco TSP x64 driver. It worked without any problems on Windows 8.1

After upgrading my machine to Windows 10 Enterprise it doesn't work any more. It seems that the behavior for loading the configuration data changed in Win10:
If I access the configuration with the configuration app that ships with the TSP, I'm able to see all configuration entries with their correct values. This can be verified by examining the registry. Everything is there as expected.

When I access the configuration via the settings app (Telephone & Modem-> Advanced) the configuration dialog is shown but apparently no configuration data has been loaded. All fields are empty. Entering some data and dismissing the dialog doesn't help, the data is gone when I reopen the dialog.

I haven't found any special information regarding TAPI on Windows 10. Is this a bug?

This is a showstopper for Windows 10 in our environment since we use the TSP to control our telephone system from the desktop.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Cisco Employee

Hi Uwe,

I don't think its tested or supported yet



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Hi Manish,

thanks for the reply. The chart shows that currently there is no support for Win 10 at all which is not very helpful.

I hope this doesn't mean that Cisco didn't bother to test their software on the new Windows. I have a very bad flashback to Windows 7 at the moment. Back in those days there were no Cisco x64-driver available. It took quite some time for the first driver to become available. I had the feeling that Cisco simply thought no one would switch to x64....

The current situation may be different, though. I'm currently trying to see if its Microsoft's fault. As I wrote the driver doesn't find its configuration data any more although its clearly there. Maybe MS has a bug in the initialization routine...

It would help if someone at Cisco could fire up the debugger to see what's really happening....





I have found a solution for this problem:

It seems that the service user (and the security settings) for TAPI have changed in Windows 10.

Please follow these steps to get it working again:

  1. Configure TSP as usual using the CiscoConfig executable
  2. Export the following registry key:
    HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-20\Software\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Cisco TSP\Cisco TSP001
  3. Replace HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-20 with HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE in the exported .REG-file
  4. Import the .REG file
  5. Set Permissions for the new key (I used Everyone:Full but this is too much, I hadn't time to figure out what access rights are really needed)
  6. You may have to set user and password from the modem control panel


After the next reboot it should work as expected.




The above fix, did get rid of the "This language is currently not supported. Defaulting to US English" error and the problem with the IP addresses not sticking. But when I try to launch the Dialer.exe I get another error "Windows Telephony was unable to complete an operation requested by the Phone Dialer. Quit and restart Phone Dialer." And the SEP Modem isn't being seen still.


Any help with this is much appreciated, thanks.


I had the same problem.

Create a new folder "certificates" under "C:\Program Files\Cisco\CiscoTSPx64"

and give Administrators, Users, and SYSTEM modify access.

After that it should work.


Followed above steps and I got my TSP working. Thanks much! 



Will this work for Cisco TSP 9.1 driver on windows 8.1?




Hello Uwe.

Most of our Clients are using Wind 10, 64-Bit. TSP Drivers is not working.

I exported the registry key and modified it with Editor.
Then i double clicked and imported the reg File again.

I changed the Registry Permissions and rebooted my Client.

But unfortunalety it dit not work for me. When i export the File again there is still

[HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-20\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Cisco TSP\Cisco TSP001]

instead of

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Cisco TSP\Cisco TSP001]

in the Regfile. Can you verify this or should it be changed after Export / Impot / Export?

I also tried this tipp from below:

Create a new folder "certificates" under "C:\Program Files\Cisco\CiscoTSPx64"

but i still get an error:

"Windows Telephony was unable to complete an operation requested by the Phone Dialer"

I installed and tried the TSP Driver on a Client with Windows 8.1, 64 Bit where it is working without any Problems...

@ Cisco: When will there be a working Version for Windows 10, 64-Bit?
OS is now available since more than 1 year and so is this posting...

Kind regards



This key is not present inmy system:

HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-20\Software\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Cisco TSP\Cisco TSP001

Under HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-20\Software there is only Microsoft and Policies. There is no Cisco etc subkey




Adrie de Regt