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to recipient <Unknown> could not be delivered [Error:80040919]

To All

I have unity 7.0 (2) running and the problem is that no voice mail is been received id mailbox.

In the event loggin I see the following:

Event Type:    Error

Event Source:    CiscoUnity_UMR

Event Category:    UMR Thread Error

Event ID:    113

Date:        6/14/2013

Time:        3:42:01 PM

User:        N/A

Computer:    VIPNLAP501


A message with the subject:


to recipient <Unknown> could not be delivered [Error:80040919].  It was moved to the failed directory.  This can occur for several  reasons: the recipient mailbox may be disabled or inaccessible, Cisco  Unity may be having trouble connecting with the partner server, or the  Cisco Unity messaging component may not be properly configured.  If this  condition persists, contact Cisco TAC. 0x00000C94

And  what I see is also that the is no sync on ldap, this last I have seen  this bevore and solf the the problem but now I can not see where it is  going wrong.

It is no unity connect.

Please help,



Jan Meeling

Cisco Employee

Hi Jan,

1. Run the permissions wizard with a domain admin account.

2. Run the Message Store configuration wizard, and make sure you partner with the correct Exchange server.

3. Try restarting the AvUMRSyncSvr service and if that does not work, restart the Unity server.

Note: all of these need to be run afterhours.



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Regards, Tere. If you find this post helpful, please rate! :)

HI Tere,

I have a other Unity that is connected to same AD/Exchange server.

when I do Run the permissions wizard do the other get some problems?

Where can I find

Message Store configuration wizard

Thanks for your help.


Jan Meeling


Hi all,

Is there away to debug this problem


Jan Meeling


Hello Jan,

The PW (Permission Wizard) is found on the Tools Depot> Administration Tools> Permision Wizard. If you right click on it and select properties you will be able to see the version. If you do not have the latest vesion (v. you should start by installing it.

Go to:

Under Title search for:

Permissions Wizard 5.0(1)+

Running the Permission Wizard is required with a Domain Admin account, usually the Unity Install account has this included, to verify, go to Start> Run> dsa.msc> Click on Find> Type Unity Install> Click on Member of tab.

Additionaly this utility does not involve any downtime to your environment. At the beginning of the Wizard confirm that the proper accounts are assigned to the services, i.e: Directory Services-> UnityDirSvc, for Message Store-> UnityMsgStore. When yo reach the point to select the Mail Stores make sure that all the proper or desired mailstores are included.

At the end if it fails for 1 item, and it is permissions to delete objects this can be expected.

To fully understand this tool and see screen shots of running the tool go to:

The MSCW (Message Store Configuration Wizard) is a tool used to partner and synchronize with your Exchange server and is found in Start>Control Panel> Programs> Add Remove Programs> Doble click on Message Store Configuration Wizard. Running this tool is service impacting, meaning it requires to stop Unity services.

At the end of the Wizard you are prompted for a last account, which is the Directory Service account, make sure you are using the proper one, i can't stress this enough.

It would also be good to ensure that your Unity System is able to communicate accordingly to your Domain Controllers and Global Catalog. You can check this by going to Tools Depot> Administration> DCGC Reconnect> Click on the DC tab hit Force Reconnect do the same in the GC tab (this is again NOT service impacting). After you do that go to Event viewer (eventvwr.msc)

One event will be seen with the Domain Controller:

The Cisco Unity service that monitors Active Directory (AvDSAD) completed a full
synchronization cycle with 

Another will be seen with the Global Catalog:

...event global catalog (AvDSGlobalCatalog) completed a full synchronization cycle with ...

If you do not see a complete synchronization there might be issues in your network or to the DC GC's Unity is talking to and therefore not able to retrieve the proper information of the users.

If you run DBWalker does it give you any further insight?

It would be usefull if you could clarify whether this issue is

-for all users: mayor changes on either Unity or Exchange

-a set of users:random or specific to a mailstore

-single user: are there any differences in Exchange between the working users and the non-working one; is it disabled on AD?

Best regards,

David Noel Rojas Peck


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