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Tomcat won't run

My tomcat is currently stopped. When I try to restart it just stops again.

I have included the errors from the stdout and catalina log files in the attachment.

I have performed the PCA reinstall according to the troubleshooting guide instructions. Has anyone seen anything like this before? I couldn't find any reference to it in CCO or here in the forums.


What version of Unity are you running?

From your post, it sounds like Tomcat was up and running until recently. Did you apply any Microsoft/Unity hotfixes in the recent past? Or any other system changes - upgrades/security policy changes etc?

Is IIS up and running?

You are correct. The PCA was running fine until sometime between the 9th and the 16th of August. The last PCA log file that I have is from the 9th and the first error log that I have saying that the tomcat service stopped unexpectedly is from the 16th. This system is still in the roll-out phase so I don't have users logging in every day. Right before the first Tomcat error I was setting up a Unity Scheduled Restart. I have been having issues with that functionality. Once all of the services have been stopped the system does not perform the reboot. I have to manually reboot the system. I was doing a test on this to provide Cisco with some log files when I got this Tomcat error for the first time. IIS is still up and running. I am still able to access the SAWEB and Status websites.



The error present in the log file are indicative of a corrupted .xml configuration file.

Since there are several of these here is what you should look for followed by a file list.


For Prolog exception:


This indicates that something (characters, printable or not) is present before the line starting with "

Files where this line is present:








The only reason I see that the PCA reinstall (repair) failed to properly replace those is if the uninstall step failed to delete the files.

Another theory would be that your system cannot resolve some of the external domains used in the xml files. But I would expect another type of error.

Can you verify those files are do not have extra "stuff" before the part, we will go from there...


We have partial success. I found that the tomcat-users.xml file was full of spaces. I replaced it with a copy of the file that was on the install media. Tomcat now starts and I can logon but when I select Cisco Unity Assistant, I get the error that I have attached to this post. I would assume that the "install" file is not acceptable as a simple replacement here. Any ideas?

The error suggests that your PCA install is incomplete. Looks like you upgraded to 4.04 from an older version, but not all of the 4.04 files have been installed. I would suggest reinstalling PCA, but I'll leave it to Patrick (path) to suggest the appropriate steps.


Sounds like there is more than just the xml files corrupted here.

This error is pointing toward mismatch between versions of the ciscopca classfile.

I would suggest doing the same copy/paste for the entire \CommServer\cscoserv\ciscopca\WEB-INF\classes folder. Pickup the cscoserv\ciscopca\WEB-INF\classes from the cd or dvd.


Since I'm the first to admit when someone else makes a mistake, it's only fair that I be the first one to admit when I make a mistake as well. I used the 4.0.3 media to perform the recovery instead of the 4.0.4 media. I did the recovery with the correct media and, beleive it or not, all of my problems went away.

Thanks to everyone for their help!

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