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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files


UC Health Checklist

Does anyone use a Checklist to monitor Health of UC and Collaboration systems? I am looking for a jumpstart to develop a checklist procedure outside of simply monitoring RTMT. I am hoping for some daily, weekly and monthly items such as "Verify dbreplication weekly" or similar types of things. Let me know what you guys do. I am fairly new to being a UC engineer and i am the only one for a financial institution with about 80 sites 2000 phones 35 video endpoints and 1600 users. Thanks.

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Re: UC Health Checklist



I don't use a checklist, but I do set up alerts via RTMT. Under alert central there are 4 tabs, System, Voice/Video, IM & Presence, and Custom. If you right click on each alert in those tabs you can set alert properties and have the system send you an e mail for each one, you can also configure how often and the priority of those alerts. I don't use all of them, but I do use the ones that are critical. That covers nearly everything you need. RTMT does not need to be running for these alerts to be sent to your e mail and I have found them to be better than any checklist that I have come up with in the past. The custom tab and the alerts on those custom alarms I set up have been extremely effective as well, but the canned items monitored are pretty inclusive. As something arises, as it usually does, I add that as a new alert. 

If you were already aware of this particular feature, my apologies.



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Re: UC Health Checklist

How far did you make it on this task? Anything you can share with the community?

Anthony Holloway

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Re: UC Health Checklist

Sean, welcome to the world of UC!  If you haven't already I suggest taking a look over some of the CLI commands for CUCM.  They are very helpful for not only checking on the health of your environment but also come up frequently during troubleshooting sessions with Cisco TAC.  I would look over the SHOW and UTILS commands.  While I can't give you a health check document or best practice for your unique environment I can give you some commands that will be helpful when you or TAC check your environment.


Show status

Show process using-most cpu

Show process using-most memory

Show network eth0

Show version active/inactive

Utils core active list

Utils core active analyze <core file name>

Utils dbreplication runtimestate

Utils dbreplication status

Utils diagnose test

Utils NTP status

Utils service list

File view install system-history.log


Hope this helps to get you on your way!


Re: UC Health Checklist

Hi Sean,


You can do Health check with below CLI command and RTMT outputs. It will give you a good result of infrastructure.



Show status

utils dbreplication runtimestate

utils diagnose test

utils service list

show network cluster


Device summary >> To check media resources

Phone summary >> To check phone registration


CTI RP and ports

SIP Trunks status

Backup status


Unity Connection - CLI

show status

utils dbreplication runtimestate

utils diagnose test

utils service list

show cuc cluster status

Unity connection GUI-

Mailbox users count

Backup status




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