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UC virtualisation support for third party hardware

Hi All,

We would like to install UC (CUCM and CUC) on Vmware ESI 5.1 on third party hardware. After reviewing numerous documents from cisco on uc virtualisation I have seen the supported VMware features and third party hardware. However I was advised by someone that only UCS is the supported hardware by Cisco for UC virtualisation, is this true?

We have a blade chassis server that meets the specs (CPU supported models) and Vmware supported version however I am concerned that if an issue arise with the UC software we may not have Cisco TAC support?

What is cisco's decision on UC virtualisation support?



That is incorrect information. Cisco has long supported under spec based model support for UC on third party hardware. Initially it was HP/IBM but now it has been opened up to all vendors

See here under this column

Intel Xeon CPUs for
UC on UCS Specs-based
or 3rd-party Specs-based



Thats the same document i reviewed initially and saw Cisco's support for the third party specs. So essentially what you are saying and i assume from experience that even if UC is deployed on third party vendor i can get support from cisco tac once i follow the specifications?

My main concern is Cisco TAC support. Also i am purchasing the VMware software from Vmware and not Cisco will this be an issue?


Support from the hardware will come from that vendor. Support for the UC apps comes from TAC. VMware depends on where it is purchased from. If bought from Cisco, TAC will handle the call and then triage with VMware as needed. if purchased from other sources then you would contact that source

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Cisco TAC will indeed provide support even if the applications are deployed on third party servers. Follow the guidelines and the specifications and you should be just fine. In the course of troubleshooting, Cisco TAC may isolate a problem to being related to a third party component or configuration, in which case you would naturally be required to engage the third party vendor. It is also okay to purchase VMware software directly from VMware and not Cisco. The implication there is simply who you call first for hypervisor related support issues.


Thank you very much for responding to my queries I do feel much better moving forward with the UC virtualisation. There is one more thing, can you guide me as to how to create a Bill of materials for UC (CUCM and CUC), I am a partner however the virtualisation is new.



For information and resources specific to Cisco Partners, I recommend you post your question about creating a BOM to the Partner Community.

This public Collaboration Community is targeted at helping our customers and prospective customers, and we highly encourage you to participate keeping in mind that the information is helpful and relevant to our target customers and prospecitve customers' audiences.

Hope that helps.

Kelli Glass

Moderator for the Cisco Collaboration Community


Are you referring to creating a BOM for UCS or UC? if it is UCS then see here for all the TRC config. You can click on the BOM link

For UC apps

** Please note that this URL is accessible only to Cisco partners

If you aren’t a partner you should ideally be working with your Cisco account team or local partner



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