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UC500, Hunt Groups, AA's, and Forwarding

We put a UC500 in place for a customer, but we are having some issue's with same advanced things.

There current call flow is as the attached flowchart. When a call comes in it hits a longest-idle hunt group, which rings all four Sales people's phones. If they don't answer, it hits an AA which gives them the option to dial by extension, by name, or to go through the queue again (longer this time, different hunt group). If they don't answer that time, it goes to another AA which gives them to option to leave a message, or to go around the queue again. And it just loops after this point.

That all works fine and well. The problem we are having is in the forwarding. At around 5:30PM they like to forward to someones cell phone. We tried just putting all but one sales queue phone on DND, and do a CallForward All on the other.

That is where we hit a snag. It doesn't work. From what the customer tells me, it doesn't forward, but just keeps going through the normal call flow.

The Unity GUI tools are all well and good, but we can't figure out how to configure an advanced feature like this.

Another problem is this; in the morning only two people are here - and they are not in the sales queue. We tried creating another script in Unity using a different business hours schedule and had it go to a different hunt-group - but this doesn't work either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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