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Kamil G

UCCX 8.5.1 - Outbound Campaign - script help


I was hoping I could find some sample scripts for Outbound Campaign.  We are going to be creating an outbound campaign for calling ex-employees and asking them to visit a website to fill out a survey.  We will have a list of phone numbers that will be imported into UCCX (maybe 100 numbers per month) This is the rough draft:

When the called party answers, play message #1 that gives the option to transfer to an agent at our resource center (transfer calls only during working hours M-F  8 am-8 pm)

If voice mail answers, wait for the beep and play message #2 (does not include the option to xfer to agent)

If no answer, wait 24 hrs and call again (do this 3 times then stop)

Where could I find a script that is similar to this?  Or where should I start?  We already talked with Cisco and we will need to buy port licenses so we can do this.  We also know that we need a router and a PRI circuit.  We do have UCCX with about 150 agents that we use for the resource center.  They are in various teams and take calls from our employees.  We just need to figure out how to do this outbound campaign.  My co-worker will take care of the gateway and PRI stuff... I need to figure out the scripting portion.  I have some experience with modifying existing UCCX IVR scripts that we use for the resource center and our helpdesk... but I have never created a script from scratch and never an outbound campaign one.  We do have an outside vendor that might be able to help, but they charge a lot and that is our last resort. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank You.

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