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Stuart McGrath

UCCX Agent Pop Up Alert

Does anyone know if it is possible to create the following using the Agent Desktop Administrator?:

For a workflow we would like to create a pop up for agents that will alert those agents in a 'not ready' state to put themselves as ready when there are more than an allowed threshold of calls queued

For example if we had 10 agents, 8 ready/talking, 2 Not ready, and 5 calls come into the queue as Calls waiting, then the 2 Not Ready agents would be alerted to put themselves ready.

Is this something that would have to be implemented form the script itself?

UCCX Version 8.5.1


You could always force the agents to go "Ready" after being "Not Ready" after X amount of seconds.  All you would do is enable the Automatic Work and Wrapup Time options and enter the amount of seconds from your desired CSQ.


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Please rate helpful posts

Hi Tony, Thanks for the response.

We looked at this option, however it isnt really what our Help desk require. Certain Agents are sat not ready picking up other tasks and it is only if 'Calls Waiting' volume gets too high for the current logged in agents that we need to prompt the Not Ready users to log in.

I see what you mean Stuart.  I am not sure if there is a sure fire way of doing this through the agent workflow.  I know in my environment we use a wallboard that shows the agent states and the amount of calls in queue amongst other things.  Some agents are responsible for watching the queue for the amount of calls waiting and they then handle it from there.

P.S. - I also found this -


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Please rate helpful posts


for example, 2Ring DASHBOARDS & WALLBOARDS - - allows you to set KPI tresholds and provide visual notification if a certain KPI goes over a set threshold (e.g. entire background of a KPI can start blinking). Plus, the DESKTOP client can be set to run in ALWAYS ON TOP and BORDERLESS mode. Plus you can make it really tiny,so it doesn't take so much of agent's screen. On top of that, the solution provides a very user friendly UI for the management of layouts, banners, KPIs, and all of the content that's presented.

There is a free trial that you can have up and running in 5 minutes or less. Especially if you go with a self-installation package, then the solution offers great value.

Feel free to reach out to me for pricing or more details.

Michal, 2Ring (

Sorry Michal, leave your spam at the door. I have noticed you keep using these forums for advertising, often suggesting people contact you for pricing and more information. That is not what these forums are for. Professionals post here for answers. I have reported your messages to the forum admins.

Thanks Tony,

We too have 'Wallboard' solutions and they do change colour when a threshold is breached for calls waiting. Although we have supervisors that are supposed to be watching this status they insist they can't watch this constantly and often miss the threshold change. As such they would like for a warning to pop up in either their supervisor agent or in the agent desktop.

I too found the link above but again it seems to indicate what can be done for agents idle for a period.

I have a feeling we may have to script a solution, e.g Have phone ring, play a sound or send an email.



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