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Scott Bailey

UCCX transfer directly to Unity Connection Mailbox

We ran into an issue where when callers chose an option on a call through UCCX that routed directly to a voicemail box, they would hear "I do not recognized this as a valid entry" prior to getting the correct greeting in voicemail.  I set the mailbox in Unity Connection (under the users' greetings) to ignore caller input.  If this was the issue the root cause is when a user chooses an option, somehow Telco (not sure if it is related to a particular service provider) or the system is sending the digit more than once, you get the message and then it correctly goes to the proper greeting.  In most cases during the day it rings several times before going to voicemail which clears out the extra digits.  I further validated that this appears to be the cause by pushing a

button during my personal voicemail box recording and received the exact same message, then my greeting starts over.  While none of this makes any sense to me the fact that I was able to recreate the issue coupled with the apparent working solution leaves me to believe this is the resolution.

Has anyone else ran into something similar or have any idea why this would have started happening?

Scott Bailey

I now know this actually happened intermittently and from research appears to be just the way that some phones send DTMF tones.  Looks like setting the greetings to ignore user input by default in cases where the mailbox is behind a CCX auto attendant may be the best practice.

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