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Unable to upload Cisco ISO files to Vsphere Datastore (Windows Client)

Hi All,


Not sure if any else had a similar issue as the following. 


We are using vsphere 6 on a Windows PC, I was able to download and upload files to the Datastore and it just stopped working.

The file starts uploading and bombs out saying operation error. The only information I found online was users using the Web Client and needing to download the Cert. I have done the same with the local cert and made sure it's saved in my Trusted 


But the issue is still present.

Hall of Fame Master

I have seen it on couple of occasions.  Couple of things to try:

If you are doing it via vCenter, try instead going directly to the host

Are you using the HTML or Java client? Try both

When browsing the host use full FQDN in the URL, not just host or IP address.


Hi Chris,


No I'm using the Windows Client and having this issue, very odd. As I did pick up from all the other Forums this is normally a certificate issue when using the Web Version.


Currently using winscp as an alternative.


Please read my questions again.  Nowhere did I assume you are using windows client as all questions were geared towards web client.  There are 2 versions of the client Java based and HTML (limited) based, both with their own issues.


Hi Chris,


I'm really sorry if I offended you with my answer but then can you please re-read my subject of my Post:


"Unable to upload Cisco ISO files to Vsphere Datastore(Windows Client) "


Not using Java or HTML for the Version running locally on Windows as an install.


I was not offended, but my apologies for missing that you were using windows thick client.  By reading the question I assumed it was web client, and I forgot version 6 still supported the thick client, which is no longer working on 6.5+.

Are you able to try the web client instead?

When you login to the windows client are you using IP address or hostname or FQDN? Please try with FQDN if you have not done it already. 


Hi Chris,


Not a problem ,unfortunately when going to the IP using chrome  only allows you to download the thick client. 


As a workaround we are using WINCSP to copy iso's to the Datastore. 


Thanks for the input.

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