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Uncommon Call Handler / Voicemail setup

This seems like a bit of an odd request.


Setting up a school office, they want a call handler with an option to leave a voice mail specifically for attendance or be directed to their shared main line. The office staff don't want calls that go unanswered on their shared line to go to voicemail just to ring out after 10 rings with a message that they're unavailable. But, they would like to have easy access to the attendance voicemail box on their phones (see the new voice mail message counter, can access with pin after pressing vm button).

I'm starting to think the easiest way to do this is to associate a dummy line with the attendance mailbox and add it to their phones? Or unsure if there is a way to have a line associated with a voice mail but have it's forward settings such that it won't ever actually  forward to voicemail, but also without it just ringing forever.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.




Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

Little confused here, so they want voicemail box or not? I am sure whatever you are after is doable, just need bit more clarification, perhaps explain the use case and call flow.

Sorry not sure if I explained it very well.


They want a voicemail for attendance but want those calls to go straight to a voice mail box and they would listen to the attendance messages when they have time. If a caller calls their main phone line they want it to ring out if they don't answer and not go to a voicemail. 



Parent Calls (PSTN) --> GW --> CUCM --> Call Handler --> 1 for Attendance Voicemail

                                                                                        --> 2 to main line --> (no answer) call ends

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