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Unified Personal Communicator & Outlook 2010 Click to Call

Hey everyone

Quick question for the experts!  I'm running Office/Outlook 2010 and Cisco Unified Personal Communicator however my click to call feature does not work and is nowhere to be found.

I did some reading and I did find that it's no longer an "add-in" as it was in Outlook 2003/2007 but it's more integrated.  However this makes troubleshooting a bit more difficult as I don't know where to start.

When I right click on a contact and select Call, I get a pop-up screen however it's for my regular windows modem/phone instead of the Unified Communicator dial box.

I've tried to disable my modem drivers in Device Manager, re-installed my CUPC several times including upgrading to the newest version but same results.  I can install it on an Outlook 2007 machine and it works just fine.

I'm starting to roll out 2010 for my new employees but this now causes some issues moving forward.  Any suggestions as to where I can go or what to do?

Also seen some variences in outlook 2007 for one of my users.  He does not have the big click to call button in the toolbar, the only way he can see it if he opens the actual contact up.  yet another employee in the cubicle over has the click to call button on the main contacts screen.  Everyone has the same setup.

Jasmeet Sandhu
Cisco Employee

Make sure that Microsoft Office Communicator or LYNC is not installed on the same pc and if so, please uninstall LYNC/MOC and CUPC and then reinstall CUPC only and test again.

Can you verify if Click to call works from other Office applications (excel, work)


Thanks for the reply.  I do have MOC installed on my regular laptop, I found an older thread that said they were not compatible so I got a spare laptop to play around on that doesn't have MOC installed and i'm getting the same issue there.  No LYNC in our environment.

Click to call works fine in other Office applications.

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