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Unity 4.0.3 sr1 ES72 - DCOM Error in Windows2k system log

I am running Unity 4.0.3 sr1 ES72 with Exchange2k offbox. I am adding a secondary Unity server and just completed the installation of the secondary server but for some reason I am seeing a ton of DCOM error in the system log of the secondary server, please take a look at the error below.

Event Type: Error

Event Source: DCOM

Event Category: None

Event ID: 10002

Date: 5/28/2008

Time: 8:26:25 AM

User: N/A

Computer: W0AS13


Access denied attempting to launch a DCOM Server. The server is:


The user is Unavailable/Unavailable, SID=Unavailable.

Has anyone seen this error before ?

should I be concern about it ?

I am about ready to run the failover wizard to configure failover. Will this error cause issue when I configure failover ?

Thanks very much in advance for any inputs !!!




I've never run into that on a new install, but I would recommend that you wait to configure failover until you resolve this problem.

I did a quick search on that error message, and I saw a case where things were fixed by applying Windows 2000 SP4. So if the server isn't already at SP4, try installing that.

One other thing to try is to download and run the most recent Permissions Wizard from You need to grab the one that works with 4.0.3:

Hope that helps.



Hi Danny -

I don't have failover experience to help, but can assist with the DCOM information. On the second server, make sure DCOM is enabled. To do so, go to Start - Run - enter dcomcnfg. In the left side of the console, expand the + sign until you see My Computer. Right-Click and select Properties. You may see some config warning, click No to these. Click the Default Properties tab and make sure this box is checked, "Enable Distributed COM on this computer". Don't change anything else. If this was not checked, check it and reply OK. Reboot the server. Another thing you can check is the application ID that is giving you the error. Go to Start - Run - regedit. From the top level of your server's registry, do a Find for 8BC3F05E-D86B-11D0-A075-00C04FB68820. This will tell you what service is complaining. From there you can navigate back to Dcomcnfg and expand the DCOM Config folder. Right-click the component that matched to your AppId (I wouldn't be surprised if you found it was the AvCsGateway service. Right-click and select Properties. Select the Security tab and compare the permissions with the same one on your primary server, assuming you are not getting DCOM errors there as well. If any of the Customize radial buttons are selected, you can click Edit to view. I've had to make changes on my Unity 4.2(1) server to fix similar errors, but I would check with TAC since I'm no longer familiar with your version and whether it applies. But if you do call TAC, the information I've provided will be of value to them. In my instance, I had to give the Everyone group Allow Local Launch and Activation permissions to the following, AvCsGateway, AvCsGlobalCatalog, and AvLic.

Hope this helps! Ginger


Hello Nancy / Ginger !!! as always I appreciate very much for your response !!!

I think I have found what was causing the errors. I have a monitoring tool that runs on a separate server and it monitors all critical services that run on all servers in our environment. Since I took the secondary Unity server out of monitoring the error has gone away.

Thank you very much !!!