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Unity 4.0.3 upgrade to 4.2


We have a customer with a CCM 4.2 and a Unity 4.0.3 (7825) we need to upgrade hardware to a (7835) and software to 4.2. I have already received new hardware and software.

I would like to know the steps I should follow to move all information (Users, message, etc...) from the old hardware (version 4.03) to the new hardware (version 4.2).

Any information will be appreciated.


Ginger Dillon

Hi -

You have two options if Unity 4.2 will run on the 7825 platform:

1. Upgrade your current 4.0(3) server to 4.2. Install new server running 4.2 in demo mode. Run Unity DiRT backup on the current server and backup users and messages. Disconnect current server from network. DiRT restore 4.2 to the new server.

2. Install new server running 4.0.3 in demo mode. Run Unity DiRT backup on the current server and backup users and messages. Disconnect current server from network. DiRT restore 4.0.3 to the new server. Upgrade the new server to 4.2. This is the option I choose to implement when I moved 4.0(3) to new hardware. You can use the same Unity accounts, but I did change the Unityadmin account name. The 4.2 installation manual will cover the steps to upgrade from an older version of Unity. Also make sure you work with licensing to get your current *.lic files moved over to the new MAC address. I sent my files to and told them I was changing out Unity server hardware. They sent me the new files with the MAC updated.


Thanks gkavan!

Do you know if there's any way to export users, mailboxes (like a DiRT) with 4.0(3) and import all direcly to a 4.2. I suppose it will not be possible... it's just to confirm it.

Thanks again!


Frequent Contributor

Not sure why you want to export users. It is a straight upgrade and the users upgrade with the system. You should however use DiRT to backup before you do the upgrade.

I upgraded from 4.0(5) to 4.2(1)



My question was because we need to upgrade hardware too. What we planed was:

- install the new hardware with a Unity 4.2 in our own lab.

- export all information from customer site Unity version 4.0.3.

- import all data to our lab Unity 4.2.

- Then go to customer site with the new hardware and change hardware only.

And I don't know if there is any way to do that. Probably that would not be possible because that are diferent versions. Probably you can confirm that's not possible, is it?

The way Ranpience has explained means that we have to install a Unity 4.0.3 in our lab first use DiRT and then upgrade to 4.2. If this is the only way, we should look for Unity 4.0.3 version.

Thank you very much for your answers.


Frequent Contributor

I think that is going to be your best bet unless there is someone that knows a better way out there. :-)


Thanks for your answers.

I've started to install the new server. But I'm having problems:

- Platform CD is Windows 2003 Server (No 64 bits edition) our customer has Windows 2000.

- I have installed windows 2003 Server, SQL Server 2000 (With Data Store 2000 cd).

- I try to install Exchange 2003 in the same machine but I cannot. It says ASP.Net is not installed.

Is it possible to have a Unity 4.0.3 in a Windows 2003 server machine with a data store 2000 and a Exchange 2003 (All installed on-box)?



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